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Cough Bothering You? Choose the Right Remedy for All Types of Cough

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Cough Bothering You? Choose the Right Remedy for All Types of Cough

A multi symptom cough is said to have occurred when you go through sore throat, cold, runny nose, eyes getting watery, frequent sneezing, etc. along with coughing – all of this simultaneously! Cough can be caused in case there is some infection in your upper respiratory tract or if you are suffering from flu, common cold or an allergy.

Apparent Causes of Cough:

  • Coughing can be the result of a viral infection which upholds dry cough for a few weeks straight after a common cold.
  • Infections taking place in the respiratory tracts like tonsillitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, etc.
  • Being prone to a harmful environment where the inhalation or entering of dust, smoke, chemicals, fumes, etc. takes place.
  • Smoking is a very common yet lethal source of giving rise to coughing problems.
  • Blocking the air passage because of inhaling any exterior object.

Classification of Cough:

Cough can be divided on the basis of two factors – the duration for which it lasts and the nature of the cough.

Based on its duration, there is –

  • Acute Cough: This cough does not stay for more than 3 weeks and can be cured within such a duration.
  • Sub-Acute Cough: Such a cough lasts for more than 3 weeks and can be there for up to 8 weeks approximately.
  • Chronic Cough: This is the ultimate level of coughing as it lasts longer than 8 weeks and needs to be treated with sincerity.

Based on its nature, there is –

  • Wet Cough: When there is a formation of mucus in your chest, the outcome of it is wet cough. In this scenario, you may feel a heavy chest with a tad bit of tightness along with a sound full of wheeziness while breathing.
  • Dry Cough: In a dry cough, there is very little or completely no presence of mucus in your chest. It literally feels like an irritating and a dried-up coughing spree.

Which syrup is to be used?

The usage of allopathic syrups for tackling and overcoming cough is common. But allopathic remedies only help in supressing the cough which can be harmful in the long run. It is very important to get rid of all the mucus formed inside your chest which causes cough and that is EXACTLY what ayurvedic cough syrups do – they eradicate the root cause of coughing and make you cough-free!

Ayurvedic syrups contain natural ingredients such as several herbs which not only help you get rid of coughing but also work as cleansers for all the unwanted deposits in your chest.

Why is the right dosage so important?

It is EXTREMELY important to follow the prescribed dosage while consuming a cough syrup. This is to avoid any kind of repercussions and consequences in the form of side effects in case over dose of the syrup is done. Excess of anything is harmful and thus, the intake of cough syrup should be done judiciously and wisely, keeping in mind the right dose.

For children, 5 ml content of cough syrup is advisable while for adults, 10 ml content of cough syrup is recommended. This dosage is tentative and you can find the right dosage guidance given on the cough syrup that you choose to have.

KOFF KRANTI – Your Ultimate Saviour!

With 11 genuine quality herbs and fully ayurvedic composition, this fully natural cough syrup is your rescuer, your liberator and your knight in shining armour as it frees you completely from coughing problem without causing any kind of side effects.

This syrup is effective and useful for both, wet and dry cough. You can enjoy anti-allergic benefits due to the presence of herbs like tulsi, sunth, ardusi and kantakari while you can witness immunity enhancement and anti-microbial results beacuase of the presence of other herbs such as Godhavaj, Yastimadhu, Pippimool and Jaiphal.
Congestion in your chest, sore throat, cough and cold – everything is taken care of precisely by this revitalizing ayurvedic cough syrup!

This syrup is also a front-runner when it comes to its likeable taste! The presence of green cardamom, black pepper and pepper mint make sure that this syrup leads the way in the taste department as well as the health boosting department!

"With such health defining natural ingredients and so many advantages, the KOFF KRANTI cough syrup is like your personal care-taker who will always bring you out of health troubles such as multi-symptom cough!"

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