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Oral Health

Oral Health
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Haslab Bico 18 Pyorrhoea 20gm -9%
Gums are spongy, swollen and inflammed, they bleed easily, pus in the gums, foul breath.Ingredie..
Rs. 65 Rs. 59
Haslab Bico 23 Toothache 20gm -9%
Recommended specially in neuralgic cases. Favourable effect in rheumaticIngredients: Ferrum phos..
Rs. 65 Rs. 59
Similia Homoeo Biocom No.18 Bio-combination Tablets 25 Gm - Pyorrhoea -10%
PYORRHOEA- Bleeding, Swollen Gums, Bad Breath, Sensitive Gums, Loose Teeth, Toothache,bleeding &..
Rs. 80 Rs. 72
Adel Bio Combination 23 for Toothache Sold Out
Composition :Ferrum phos., Magn. Phos., Calc. fluor.Indications: Recommended especially in neura..
Rs. 160
Adel Bio Combination 18 for Pyrrhoea Sold Out
Composition : Calc. flour., Silicea, Calc. sulf.Indication: Gums or spongy, swollen and inflamed..
Rs. 160
Adel Bio Combination 21 for Teething Troubles Sold Out
Composition :Calc. phos., Ferrum phos.Indications: Children are crying, obstinate and naughty du..
Rs. 160