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Do-It-Yourself Kit for Back Pain

Posted by Vasudha 86862 10/07/2022 0 Comment(s) Ayurveda,
Do-It-Yourself Kit for Back Pain

Back pain is nothing but a physical discomfort at back and it may lead to stiffness or restricted movement. This is commonly seen in people who have a sedentary lifestyle with very minimum or no physical activity. Now a days there is no age limit for complaints of back pain or a sore back. It is seen in all age groups from children to senior citizens due to wrong posture and food habits. 

Hence, understanding the current situation of people suffering from back pain, this DIY is one of the best alternatives to the treatments at an Ayurveda clinic and is relatively 40 to 50 % effective as compared to the clinic treatments. This Ayurveda based kit contains bags of dry powders which can be used for fomentation and also pads which should be dipped in warm oil as per instructions (will be clearly provided). The kit will have items that can be used for 7 days. 
This kit can help you manage and treat your back pain unless it is very acute or is due to any spine-related condition. You should always reach out to a physician in case you have any doubts. You can feel relief from pain and stiffness after you use the kit 

Do-it-yourself kits are customized for various conditions or to maintain positive health. Every kit has condition-specific ingredients, a video on how to use it and a description of the kit.

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