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Urban Platter Foxtail Millet Flour (Thinai Flour), 1Kg / 35.2ozFoxtail Millet Flour can be ha..
₹ 79
Jowar or Sorghum is a great substitute for people with celiac disease or wheat allergies. It keeps b..
₹ 79
Urban Platter Kodo Millet Flour (Varagu Flour), 1Kg / 35.2ozKodo Millet Flour can be had duri..
₹ 79
This traditional flour mix is as nutritious as it is delicious. So we decided to innovate and make a..
₹ 79
Barnyard millet or madhira has a high content of B1, calcium, protein, minerals and iron.An exce..
₹ 79
Raga or nachni also was known as finger millet is a cost-effective source of various nutrients. It i..
₹ 79
Little millet was domesticated in India. The seeds of little millet are smaller than those of common..
₹ 79
Graminway Daal Poori Atta 1000gm -44%
Graminway Daal Poori Atta is also popularly known as Bedawi poori, which is made of whole wheat flou..
₹ 160 ₹ 89
Graminway Barley Atta 1000gm -50%
Graminway Barley Atta is made from finest barley grain, It is dried and then grounded. It is popular..
₹ 179 ₹ 89
₹ 105
Multigrain flour is used to make your regular chapatis and parathas and highly nutritious as it is g..
₹ 95
Come fall in love with food all over again, To be able to eat as much and feel good about it happens..
₹ 99
Our proudest presentation and most innovative range is the blended flour range. Multi millet atta is..
₹ 99
Based on 4 reviews.
One of the oldest consumed grains in the world, barley is one of the healthiest food. The Nutty Yogi..
₹ 99
Based on 1 reviews.
Enjoy the goodness of farm fresh Maize flour with its absolute pureness and freshness. These golden ..
₹ 99
Chickpeas also referred to as garbanzo beans, are a unique legume. Legumes, however, are slightly lo..
₹ 99
Foodix Corn Flour 250g (Pack Of 2) Sold Out
Magic in MinutesHow to Use: Can be used for making Gobi Manchurian, Ice Cream , Custard Powder ,..
₹ 100
How do you choose flour that is perfectly suited for you? Different flours have different super powe..
₹ 105
Nutty Yogi brings to you the millets like bajra for daily dash of health. Though humans started grow..
₹ 105
Multigrain atta is a source of protein and fibre derived with an innovative mixture of grains to kee..
₹ 120
Foodthink Khapli (Emmer / Samba / Diccocum) Atta 400g -40%
Khapli wheat, also known as samba or emmer wheat is an ancient variety of diccocum wheat that is har..
₹ 200 ₹ 120
Foodthink Multigrain (jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Wheat) Atta 400g -40%
FOODThink Multigrain Atta is made with the perfect blend of healthy grains that is the need of the h..
₹ 200 ₹ 120
The Spice Club Brown Rice Puttu Flour 200g + Puttu Flour 200g + Sprouted Ragi Flour 200g -5%
This is a Vegetarian product.100 % Natural, No Artificial Ingredients The Spice Club Provid..
₹ 128 ₹ 121
The Spice Club Foxtail Millet Flour, 200 Grams (pack Of 2) -3%
This is a Vegetarian product.Net Quantity: 400 grams Material Feature: Vegetarian Shelf L..
₹ 130 ₹ 126
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