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Kidney Health

Kidney Health
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New Shama Iksir Gurda Tablets (50 Tabs) COD Available -30%
New Shama Iksir Gurda 50 TabNew Shama Iksir Gurda is an very good Unani medicine for renal probl..
₹ 50 ₹ 35
Cipzer Kushta-e-baiza-e-murgh 10g - It Is Helpful In Leucorrhoea And Excessive Vaginal Discharge COD Available -54%
Cipzer Kushta-e-baiza-e-murgh 10gmIt is an effective and efficacious herbal remedy for spermator..
₹ 84 ₹ 39
Cipzer Safoof Beejband 50gm - Increases Viscosity And Density Of Semen COD Available -16%
Cipzer Safoof Beejband 50gmIt is a Unani medicine beneficial in all kinds of spermatorrh..
₹ 70 ₹ 59
Bjain Omeo K-Stone Syrup 100ml COD Available -20%
Each kidney has a bean shaped structure and has convex and concave surfaces. Urine formed in the kid..
₹ 89 ₹ 71
Cipzer Kushta-e-hajr-ul-yahood 10g, Kidney Care Stone Medicine, Dissolves And Cleans Kidney & Urinary Stones. COD Available -50%
Cipzer Kushta-e-hajr-ul-yahood 10gmThis is a Unani classical medicine.It is a mineral origin dru..
₹ 144 ₹ 72
Keva Stone Crush 100g COD Available -5%
Properties Weight 200 (gms) Dimensions 5 (cm) x 5 (cm) x 10 (cm) About KEVA Stone Crush Kev..
₹ 77 ₹ 73
Hamdard Majun Falasfa (150g) : Restores Energy, Stamina And Useful In Kidney Related Ailments COD Available -5%
About Hamdard Majun FalasfaHamdard Majun Falasfa is an Unani Medicine used for enhancing mental ..
₹ 80 ₹ 76
Similia Homoeo Rid Stone Drops 30ml | Kidney Stone COD Available -35%
Effective remedy for renal calculi (Kidney stones) Sharp, tearing pain in back, accompanied by painf..
₹ 120 ₹ 78
Cipzer Sharbat Aloo Baloo (200 ml) - Helps To Break The Kidney Stone Naturally COD Available -12%
About ProductThis is a Unani herbal drug medicine and it Induces excessive urination. It brea..
₹ 90 ₹ 79
Allen Nostone Syrup (100ml) : Renal Calculi, Cloudy, Smelly Urine with Pain and Burning COD Available -20%
Also known asNoston Syr, Alen NostonPropertiesWeight140 (gms)D..
₹ 100 ₹ 80
Based on 1 reviews.
Dr. Bhargava Renoflam Syrup (100ml)-For Renal Calculi, Colic pain, Urinary Tract Infections, burning urine COD Available -20%
Bhargava Renoflam Syrup is effective in all types of stones affecting either of the kidneys.Indi..
₹ 106 ₹ 85
Based on 1 reviews.
Cipzer Sharbat Buzoori Motadil (200 ml) - Cleanses The Urinary Bladder And Kidneys COD Available -14%
Sharbat Buzoori MotadilIt protects liver from damage and corrects liver functions. It clea..
₹ 99 ₹ 85
Adven Stonull Syrup 100ml | Kidney Stones, Urinary Infections, Burning In Urination, Bladder Infection COD Available -4%
Well balanced combination for treating urinary tract infection and renal stones. Contains medicines..
₹ 90 ₹ 86
Cipzer Sharbat Kasni 200ml - Beneficial In Inflammatory Problems In Liver And Intestine COD Available -11%
Cipzer Sharbat Kasni 200mlIt helps in eliminating inflammation of the liver and spleen. It ..
₹ 100 ₹ 89
Bakson Bakunil Syrup (115ml) COD Available -15%
Helps maintain the homoeostatic balance of body fluids by regulating the Kidney function. Most benef..
₹ 120 ₹ 102
Lords Calculi Syrup (115ml) : For Kidney Calculus, Painful, Burning Urination, Corrects Uric Acid COD Available -20%
Also known asCalcu Syr, Calcul SyrAbout Lords Calculi SyrupHelps maintain the ..
₹ 120 ₹ 96
Deep Ayurveda Punarnavadi Mandoor (10g) : Beneficial In Skin Disorders And Enlargement Of Liver And Spleen  FREE Shipping
+ COD Available
Deep Ayurveda Punarnavadi Mandoor 10 Gm PackPiles, skin disorders, worm infection, gout, cough, ..
₹ 108 ₹ 97
Cipzer Majoon-e-falasifa 125gm - Improves Mental Power,Relives From Kidney Pain,Helpful In Sexual Debility COD Available -10%
Cipzer Majun FalasfaIt  is an Unani Medicine used for enhancing mental power and relieve..
₹ 110 ₹ 99
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