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Deep Ayurveda

DEEP AYURVEDA is a leading & best ayurvedic  company of India based at Mohali (Punjab), Founded & Headed by a woman entrepreneur- Dr. Baldeep Kour in 2007, She is a renowned ayurveda doctor practicing in ayurveda since 2006. DEEP AYURVEDA  known as a genuine & authentic ayurvedic products  manufacturing while specializing in blending traditional ayurvedic knowledge with modern science for formulation & development of herbal medicine to counter health related challenges of modern lifestyle. Company having  state of art GMP certified manufacturing unit for the manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines, herbal products and OTC products. Our manufacturing unit is sponsored by the KVIC (Govt. of India) and equipped with all sophisticated & modern machinery. Today manufacturing more than 300 ayurvedic  products and also doing third party manufacturing for many companies in India on their own brand and labeling. Today Deep Ayurveda become best ayurvedic company for contract manufacturing for Ayurvedic medicines in Chandigarh, Punjab, India.
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Deep Ayurveda Amritarishta 450 ml -10%
Amritarishta is an Ayurvedic medicines used for the treatment of chronic fever, thyroid fever a..
₹ 133 ₹ 120
Deep Ayurveda Mahasudarshanadi Kwath 450 ml -10%
Mahasudarshanadi kwath is an Ayurvedic Preparation useful in acute and chronic fever. It is use..
₹ 133 ₹ 120
Deep Ayurveda Dashmularishta 450 ml -10%
Dashmularishta is clear dark brown liquid which does not lather and settle with pleasant aroma and b..
₹ 142 ₹ 128
Deep Ayurveda Maharasnadi Kwath 450 ml -10%
Maharasnadi Kwath is an herbal formulation. It cures Vata disorders like arthritis, infertility, fil..
₹ 151 ₹ 136
Deep Ayurveda  Arjunarishta 450 ml -10%
Arjunarishta is a medicine made from the process of fermentation. It is extremely beneficial to thos..
₹ 151 ₹ 136
Deep Ayurveda Ashokarishta 450 ml -10%
Ashokarishta is an Ayurvedic formulation formed through fermentation. It contains self-generated alc..
₹ 151 ₹ 136
Deep Ayurveda Mahamanjisthadi Kwath 450 ml -10%
DescriptionMahamanjisthadi Kwath It is very famous Ayurvedic medicine in liquid form. It is..
₹ 151 ₹ 136
Deep Ayurveda Abhyarishta 450 ml -0%
Abhyarishta (Abhayarishtam) is an ayurvedic poly herbal formulation. It contains many herbs but..
₹ 151 ₹ 151
Deep Ayurveda Sparsh Hair Oil - 100ml -10%
Sparsh Hair Oil (Ayurvedic Medicated hair oil)- Deep Ayurveda Sparsh Hair Oil  is complete ayur..
₹ 265 ₹ 238
Based on 4 reviews.
Deep Ayurveda Heart Care Tea Pack of 2 Box each 100g -10%
Heart Care Herbal Tea Indication – Heart Care Tea is purely a herbal formulation & Best tea..
₹ 370 ₹ 333
Based on 4 reviews.
Deep Ayurveda Livclear Herbal Capsule -10%
Livclear Herbal Capsule is purely a herbal formulation with no side effects. It is a highly eff..
₹ 500 ₹ 450
Deep Ayurveda Spirulina Herbal Capsules -10%
Spirulina Herbal Capsule – Enriched with Protein.Spirulina is considered a super food becau..
₹ 512 ₹ 460
Deep Ayurveda Arthro Herbal Capsules -10%
Arthro Herbal Capsule is a pure herbal formulation . It is a very effective formula for all typ..
₹ 512 ₹ 461
Deep Ayurveda Ayurvit Capsule (multi-vitamin) -10%
Ayurvit Multivitamin Capsule : A purely a herbal Multivitamin with antioxidant properties. Nutr..
₹ 512 ₹ 461
Deep Ayurveda Respocare Cough Syrup Pack Of 4 -10%
Respocare Herbal Syrup: It is a herbal remedy for asthma, cough & cold, chronic bronchitis,..
₹ 540 ₹ 486
Based on 1 reviews.
Deep Ayurveda Giloy Herbal Capsules -10%
It is well known herbaceous vine and glabrous climbing shrub. A strong immune booster natural supple..
₹ 562 ₹ 506
Deep Ayurveda Livclear Herbal Syrup Pack Of 3 Bottle Each 200ml -10%
Liver Disorders like alcoholic liver disease, enlarge and fatty liver, high cholesterol levels,..
₹ 585 ₹ 527
Deep Ayurveda Arthro Ayurvedic Pain Oil Pack of 3 Bottles each 100ml -10%
Product DescriptionArthro  Ayurvedic Pain Oil prepared after a long clinical trail &am..
₹ 630 ₹ 567
Based on 8 reviews.
Deep Ayurveda Ayurjiv Multivitamin Capsules 60cap Pack -50%
Multivitamin Capsule : A purely a herbal Multivitamin with antioxidant properties. Very effecti..
₹ 1,250 ₹ 625
Deep Ayurveda ​tribulus Capsules 60 Cap Pack -50%
Tribulus Capsule : It is a general strength & vitality enhancer . An effective herb us..
₹ 1,250 ₹ 625
Deep Ayurveda Vigora-m Penis Massage Oil Pack Of 3 Bottle Each 30ml -59%
Vigora-M Oil (also known as Sandha Oil) is a Penis Enlargement Oil 100% safe Ayurvedic formulation b..
₹ 1,650 ₹ 675
Based on 33 reviews.
Deep Ayurveda Punarnava Herbal Capsules-pack Of 2 Bottles Each 30 Cap -10%
Punarnava Herbal Capsule: Punarnava is a herbal diuretic useful in various liver, kidney, pancr..
₹ 964 ₹ 867
Deep Ayurveda Obesit Herbal Capsules Pack Of 2 Bottles Each 30 Cap -10%
Product DescriptionObesit Herbal Capsules – Very effective herbal formulation for weight ma..
₹ 1,050 ₹ 945
Obcare Herbal Capsules for Weight Management 60 Caps Pack -20%
Have you tried natural weight loss supplements? There are a lot of supplements available online that..
₹ 1,250 ₹ 999