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Hair Oils

Hair Oils
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Dr. Rao's Keshovin-L Ayurvedic  ANTI- LICE Hair Oil 50 ml -9%
A blend of essential hair nutritive herbal ingredients with coconut oil (base) is prepared according..
₹ 55 ₹ 50
Anu Taila is tridoshashamaka, anti-inflammatory and gives strength to the nerves. It is useful in Va..
₹ 55
Sri Sri Tattva Brahmi Bhringaraj Taila Is A Proprietary Medicated Hair Oil Prepared From E..
₹ 70
Dr. Rao's Keshovin-A Ayurvedic Hair Tonic 50 ml for Hair Fall -6%
A sure remedy to treat Alopecia or its related problems. Specially formulated to increase the densit..
₹ 90 ₹ 85
Ancient Living AMLA Hair Oil (120 ml)Ancient Living Amla Hair oil nourishes the hair roots and e..
₹ 90
Bjain Omeo Arnica Hair Oil (with Jabrondi) 100ml -10%
With Jaborandi ExtractsOmeo Arnica Hair Oil gives hair the much needed nourishment & prevent..
₹ 110 ₹ 99
Neev ANTI DANDRUFF Hair Oil 30 mlKey BenefitsUseful to relieve dandruff, scalp psora..
₹ 100
Neev Ayurvedic BHRINGRAJ Hair Oil 30 mlDescriptionNeev Bhringaraj Hair oil prevent..
₹ 100
Fourrts Arnica Hair Oil 100ml Prevent Hair Fall, Greying, Split Ends & Dandruff Sold Out
About Fourrts Arnica Hair Oil Fourrts Arnica Hair Oil with the goodness of Jaborandi, Calendula, Ar..
₹ 100
Based on 1 reviews.
Neev Nourishing AMLA Hair Oil 30 mlDescription Neev Amla Hair oil is useful f..
₹ 100
Sri Sri Tattva Brahmi Bhringaraj Taila is a proprietary medicated hair oil prepared from exclusive h..
₹ 100
Similia Homoeo Arnica Hair Oil 100 Ml | Hair Oil -10%
FOR HAIR GROWTH, PREMATURE GREYING, DANDRUFFArnica hair oil promotes growth of hair, prevents pr..
₹ 120 ₹ 108
Crystal Castor Oil 500 Ml -8%
Castor oil and ricinoleic acid are thought to increase absorption in the skin and are some..
₹ 120 ₹ 110
Ancient Living BHRINGARAJ Hair Oil (100 ml)Ancient Living Bhringraj hair oil is a remedy for hai..
₹ 113
Khadi Pure Herbal Amla & Bhringraj Hair Oil - 210ml -11%
Khadi Pure Gramodyog™ Herbal Amla & Bhringraj Hair Oil helps to relax. Amla stop graying and dandruf..
₹ 130 ₹ 116
Khadi Herbal Bhringraj Hair Oil - 210ml -11%
Khadi Herbal Bhringraj Oil prepared from bhringraj sandal oil, lemon and other rare herbs relives me..
₹ 130 ₹ 116
Based on 2 reviews.