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Fever & Flu

Fever & Flu

Fever is an abnormally high body temperature, usually accompanied by shivering, headache, and in severe instances, delirium. 

Influenza, or flu, is a respiratory illness caused by a virus. Flu is highly contagious and is normally spread by the coughs and sneezes of an infected person. ... Experts agree that the best way to prevent flu is to get vaccinated each year.


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Bakson Fevo Aid Syrup (60ml) -5%
'Fevo Aid' is an effective homoeopathic anti-pyretic that assists the body in relieving the accompan..
₹ 60 ₹ 57
Bjain BIO COMBINATION NO. 14 Tablets 25GM (Measles) -9%
Clinical :Measles Quick Overview Running nose with thin, watery nasal discharge, watery eyes and..
₹ 85 ₹ 77
Bjain BIO COMBINATION NO. 11 Tablets 25GM (Fever) -9%
Clinical : Fever Quick Overview Fever associated with inflammatory diseases. Fever with chills. ..
₹ 85 ₹ 77
Sudarshan Vati is a combination of herbs that is effective in jvara (Fever) , Vishama Jvara (Intermi..
₹ 80
Bjain Omeo D-FVR Plus Syrup 100ml -10%
Viral fever refers to a broad spectrum of conditions where viral infections are associated with elev..
₹ 89 ₹ 80
Dr. Bhargava Anas Barbariae Pills (3g)-Lowers Mild to High Temperature, Body Ache, Headache, Allergy -5%
Anas Barbariae Pills is a homeopathic medicine which relieves and shortens the duration of symptoms,..
₹ 95 ₹ 90
Vyaghryadi is a herbal combination, which has a curative effect on the respiratory system. It can be..
₹ 90
Bakson Fevo Aid Syrup (115ml) -5%
'Fevo Aid' is an effective homoeopathic anti-pyretic that assists the body in relieving the accompan..
₹ 110 ₹ 105
Wheezal Flugo Tablets (75tab) : For Flu, Headache, Body ache, Sore Throat & Irritating Cough -4%
Also known as Flu tab WHEEZAL FLUGO TABLETS Indication Flu Other Indication..
₹ 115 ₹ 110
Pranda Gutika is a unique offering from Sri Sri Tattva. It contains "Quassia excelsa" also called as..
₹ 120
Bjain Omeo Flu Tablet 25gm -10%
Influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is an infectious disease caused by the influ..
₹ 139 ₹ 125
Bakson B1 Influenza and Fever Drops (30ml) -5%
Indications of B1 Drops: Sore throat, cough with bodyache. Other Indications of B1 Drops: Runny n..
₹ 140 ₹ 133
Bakson B43 Hyper Hydrosis Drops (30ml) -5%
Dr Bakshi Baksons B43 Hyper Hydrosis Drops: Hyper Hydrosis is excess sweating due to excess of t..
₹ 140 ₹ 133
SBL AF Tabs (25g) -5%
About AF Tabs AF-Tabs is a product of SBL's Research and Development and is a combination of well p..
₹ 140 ₹ 133