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Acne Face Masks / Packs



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Naturmed's Multani Mitti Powder 100 gm Sold Out
Amritha - naturmed's herbal products are made from herbs sourced from forest. All the herbs we manuf..
Rs. 30
Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, is charcoal that has been made from coconut shel..
Rs. 60
Based on 3 reviews.
Multani Mitti 50g Sold Out
Multani mitti also known as Fuller's earth. It is mostly in India where this clay is referred to a..
Rs. 69
Multani Mitti 100g Sold Out
Multani mitti also known as Fuller's earth. It is mostly in India where this clay is referred to a..
Rs. 129
Indus Valley Bio Organic Neem Powder is a product designed to meet the needs of both the face and ha..
Rs. 129
Based on 1 reviews.
Neev Purifying NEEM Face Pack 50 gmDescriptionNeev Neem Face Pack is best for ..
Rs. 130
Based on 1 reviews.
Neev MASOOR MANJISHTHA Face Pack 50 gmDescriptionNeev Masoor Manjishtha Face Pack ..
Rs. 130
Based on 1 reviews.
Naturmed's Kumkumadi Lepam 100 gm Sold Out
Reduces Acne, Dark Circles, Stretch marks And Pimples. ..
Rs. 150
Herbsur Herbals ORANGE PEEL POWDER 225 gm -15%
Orange Peel Powder is a completely natural product that is excellent for reducing acne, fr..
Rs. 180 Rs. 153
Indus Valley Bio Organic Multani Mitti Powder - 200g -10%
Key Features:-Indus Valley Multani Mitti is 100% Pure Microfine Powder . It Fights acne and..
Rs. 199 Rs. 179
Based on 1 reviews.
Indus Valley Bio Organic Sandalwood Face Pack -10%
        Key features:-Sandalwood  is 100% pure microfine powder..
Rs. 199 Rs. 179
Based on 3 reviews.
The Indus Valley Bio Organic Orange peel powder is a completely herbal product enriched with the nat..
Rs. 179
Based on 1 reviews.
Key feature : Handpounded Feature : Naturally sundried orange peel powder is sourced f..
Rs. 180
Ancient Living Lemon and Papaya face pack is an anti-aging, brightening clay mask with nourishing Pa..
Rs. 195
Deep Radiance Exfoilating Sugar Scrub Body Polishing & Extra Glowing For All Skin Type 50 Gms -10% Sold Out
Sugar Scrub Is An Excellent Scrub For Polish And Extra Glow Of The Skin. Sugar Scrub Cleans The Dea..
Rs. 250 Rs. 225
Multani Mitti 200g Sold Out
Multani mitti also known as Fuller's earth. It is mostly in India where this clay is referred to as ..
Rs. 239
Acnevel Neem, Basil & Mint Pack 100 gm for combating Acne and Pimples Sold Out
Acnevel is amazing Anti Acne Face Pack is an effective mix of Neem, Basil, and Mint. The pack works ..
Rs. 240
Ancient Living ANTI PIMPLE Face Pack 40gAncient Living Anti pimple face pack with its unique blo..
Rs. 245
Organic Therapie INSTA CLEAR Acne Mask 50gDescriptionOrganic Therapie Insta Clea..
Rs. 249
Peel Off Mask With Charcoal Oily Skin And Pimples, Blackhead 110ml -25%
Deeply Cleans Oil, Dirt From Pores And Allows Moisture To Be Absorbed Into The Skin. Activated Charc..
Rs. 599 Rs. 450
Based on 1 reviews.
Peel Off Mask Charcoal oily skin and pimples 110ml With Free Aloe Gel 110gm Sold Out
Ready to use, removes black heads and dust Absorbs pores of blackheads and stubborn dirt, chem..
Rs. 539
Rs. 675
Ivona Charcoal Peel Off Mask Pack Of 3 Sold Out
Ivona Charcoal Peel off Black Face Mask  Specially-formulated to unblock clogged pores by peeli..
Rs. 750