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Headache / Migraines

Headache / Migraines
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Similia Homoeo Biocom No.12 Bio-combination Tablets 25 Gm - Headache -10%
HEADACHE- Relieves from acute as well as chronic headaches caused due to tension, anxiety, sleepless..
₹ 70 ₹ 63
Bjain BIO COMBINATION NO. 12 Tablets 25GM (Headache) -9%
Clinical :Headache & Migraine HeadacheQuick Overview Headache due to over exertion, excessi..
₹ 85 ₹ 77
Hapdco Viola Tablets (25g) : Lowers Mild to High Temperature, Cough, Headache, Watery Nose and Eyes Sold Out
Also known asViola tabHapdco Viola TabletsIndication of Hapdco Viola Tablets ..
₹ 85
Hapdco Colocin Tablets (25g) : For Muscular Pains, Cramps, Pain in abdomen, Colic, Toothache, Headache Sold Out
Also known as Colic, ColociHapdco Colocin Tablets Indication of Hapdco Colocin Pain in Abdome..
₹ 90
Dr. Bhargava Anas Barbariae Pills (3g)-Lowers Mild to High Temperature, Body Ache, Headache, Allergy Sold Out
Anas Barbariae Pills is a homeopathic medicine which relieves and shortens the duration of symptoms,..
₹ 95
Relaxhed DropsRelaxhed drops, product of SBL's Research and Development is a combination of wel..
₹ 100
Bhargava Shakoon Tablets is a homeopathic medicine which improves sleep without addiction.Indica..
₹ 117
Based on 1 reviews.
Indications of Dr. Bhargava Sinin DropsNasal discharge Nasal Polyps Acute and chronic Cat..
₹ 125