Is Oil Massage Really Beneficial for your Baby?

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Is Oil Massage Really Beneficial for your Baby?

While many doctors today may tell you that oil massage for your baby has no scientific benefits, they will definitely agree that it does have a lot of therapeutic benefits. First and foremost, it helps form a natural skin-to-skin bond between the baby and mommy (or daddy whoever is doing the massage). Oil massage for your infants also has many other tremendous benefits such as:

  • It can help ease your baby’s teething pains, boost muscle development, calm your baby and put them to sleep.
  • Massaging the baby helps to prevent the formation of gas and abdominal pains too.
  • Oil Massage helps in the motor development of your infants.
  • Oil Massages relax the babies, provide relief to the muscles, helps in digestion and boosts their blood circulation.
  • All this warms the baby and helps the baby sleep. It is gentle on the skin, an excellent moisturizer and keeps baby's skin soft.

With winter just around, it can be tough on your baby’s tender skin. One of the prominent methods to protect the babies in the winter season is by giving the baby an oil massage. 

You can opt for any organic or herbal oils that you prefer like almond, coconut and sesame baby oils. While choosing a massage oil, do stay away from any known allergens that your baby may react to. You can also use pure ghee to massage your baby with. After a massage, some parents prefer the baby goes to sleep or some prefer they go for a nice warm bath. Either way, let it be a pleasurable experience for the baby. Please do not continue if there are any signs of pain or discomfort.  

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28/11/2018, 10:50:56 PM

I agree - oil massage is very important for babies.. it is non negotiable and has good effects in long term

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