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Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils

Carrier oil, also known as base oil or vegetable oil, is used to dilute essential oils and absolutes before they are applied to the skin in massage and aromatherapy. They are so named because they carry the essential oil onto the skin. Carrier oils do not contain a concentrated aroma, unlike essential oils, though some, such as olive, have a mild distinctive smell. Neither do they evaporate like essential oils, which are more volatile. The carrier oils used should be as natural and unadulterated as possible. Many people feel organic oils are of higher quality. Cold-pressing and maceration are the two main methods of producing carrier oils.

There is a range of different carrier oils, each with a various therapeutic properties. Choosing an oil will depend on the area being massaged, the presenting conditions and the clients sensitivity and requirements. For massage, viscosity is a major consideration; for example, grapeseed oil is typically very thin, while olive oil is much thicker. Sunflower, sweet almond and grapeseed oils have viscosities midway between these extremes. Carrier oils can be easily blended to combine their properties of viscosity, acceptability, lubrication, absorption, aroma and so forth.

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The Spice Club Olive Oil 100ml -10%
Material: Bottle Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place out of sight and reach of chil..
₹ 160 ₹ 152
Indus Valley Bio Organic Sunflower Carrier Oil 100 ml -10%
The chilly squeezed sunflower oil is golden in shading with a gentle and charming taste. Refined oil..
₹ 175
Indus Valley Bio Organic Mustard Carrier Oil 100 ml -10%
Mustard oil has an edge over other oils due to the optimum ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids ..
₹ 225
Indus Valley Bio Organic Coconut Carrier Oil 100 ml -10%
Coconut oil is well known for its beneficial properties of skin and hair care. It is used since medi..
₹ 299
Indus Valley Bio Organic Olive Carrier Oil 100 ml -10%
Olive oil is gotten by crushing or cool squeezing olives and gathering the juices of the fresh olive..
₹ 299
Indus Valley Bio Organic Grapeseed Carrier Oil 50 ml -10%
There are advantages of grapeseed oil for face and skin also. Most corrective items lean toward grap..
₹ 299
Indus Valley Bio Organic Sesame Carrier Oil 100 ml -10%
Sesame oil is derived from sesame seed. Sesame is thought to be the most seasoned oilseed known to m..
₹ 299
Indus Valley Bio Organic Almond Carrier Oil 50  ml -10%
Almond oil is well known for its skin and hair care properties. It is rich in essential nutrients wh..
₹ 299
Indus Valley Bio Organic Castor Carrier Oil 100 ml -10%
Castor oil is separated by squeezing the seeds of the castor plant and is progressively turning into..
₹ 299
Indus Valley Bio Organic Jojoba Carrier Oil 50 ml -10%
Jojoba oil is a liquid wax extracted from the nut of an indigenous American shrub that goes by the s..
₹ 399
Indus Valley Bio Organic Wheatgerm Carrier Oil 50 ml -10%
Wheat germ oil is derived from wheat germ. The oil is extracted by the cold pressing wheat germ and ..
₹ 399
La Flora Organics Pure Grapeseed Oil - Skin & Hair Care -100 ml -10%
A gentle, light colored oil, extracted from the seeds of grapes that ,is rich in essential fatty aci..
₹ 445
Based on 2 reviews.
GRAPE SEED Oil 100ml -10%
Nirvana GRAPE SEED OIL 100 mlGrape seed oil contains a nice balance or skin-supporting compounds..
₹ 450
APRICOT Oil 50ml -10%
Nirvana APRICOT OIL 50 mlApricot Oil is a rejuvenating natural oil that's ideal for softening fi..
₹ 450
The Spice Club Sweet Almond Oil 100ml  (Pack Of 2) -10%
Helpful to all skin type.  Add 15 drops of Aromatherapy essential oil of your choice to 30ml of Swee..
₹ 460 ₹ 455
Indus Valley Bio Organic Avocado Carrier Oil 100 ml -10%
The avocado oil is thought to have various advantages for your skin, such as saturating dry hands or..
₹ 499
WHEAT GERM Oil 50ml -10%
Nirvana WHEAT GERM OIL 50 mlWheat Germ oil is highly enriched with Vitamin E oil and other nutri..
₹ 550
Based on 1 reviews.
JOJOBA Oil 50ml -10%
Nirvana JOJOBA OIL 50 mlJojoba oil - hohob oil is the liquid wax produced in the seed of the joj..
₹ 550
SWEET ALMOND Oil 50ml -10%
Nirvana SWEET ALMOND OIL 50 mlCold-pressed sweet almond oil with no additives. An excellent mass..
₹ 550
Nirvana EVENING PRIMROSE OIL 50 mlEvening primrose oil has been used since the 1930s for eczema ..
₹ 550
AVOCADO Oil 50ml -10%
Nirvana APRICOT OIL 50 mlAvocado oil is one of few edible oils not derived from seeds; it is pre..
₹ 550
Based on 1 reviews.
The Spice Club Grapeseed Oil 100ml (Pack Of 3) -10%
Grapeseed Oil is excellent base oil for massage and skin care.  High in Linoteic Acid and Vitamin E...
₹ 750 ₹ 740