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Ayurvedic Jams

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Organic Ashwagandhadhi Lehya 250 g Sold Out
ORGANIC INDIA Ashwagandhadi Lehya Restorative & Nourishing Organic Ashwagandhadi Lehya is m..
Rs. 285
Based on 1 reviews.
Organic India Ashwagandhi Lehya 250 Grm Sold Out
ORGANIC INDIA Ashwagandhadi Lehya: Organic Ashwagandhadi Lehya is made with 100 % Organic c..
Rs. 285
Organic India CHYAWANPRASH 500g Sold Out
Organic India CHYAWANPRASH 500gms - Rejuvenates & Boosts ImmunityChyawanprash is used..
Rs. 495
Based on 1 reviews.
Planet Ayurveda's Mutrakrichantak Churna 200 Gm -10% Sold Out
Mutrakrichantak Churna is a safe combination of kidney supporting ingredients used in Ayurveda for h..
Rs. 590 Rs. 530
Based on 83 reviews.
Planet Ayurveda's Gum Care Powder 100 Gm (2 Bottles) Sold Out
Our Gum Care Powder is made to maintain healthy teeth and gum care. This product is based on extensi..
Rs. 640
Based on 7 reviews.
Planet Ayurveda's Hakam Churna 100 Gm (2 Bottles) Sold Out
Ayurveda Experts call this combination “Tridoshic Rasayan”. According to Ancient Ayurvedic manuscrip..
Rs. 640
Based on 5 reviews.
Planet Ayurveda's Madatyahar Churna 100 Gm (2 Bottles) Sold Out
Good to maintain the physical and psychological changes that occur due to alcohol consumption.  ..
Rs. 640
Planet Ayurveda's Medhya Churna - 2 Bottles (100gm Each) Sold Out
It is a formulation inspired from classical Ayurvedic formula“Saraswat Chunra”. Medhya Churna as a n..
Rs. 640
Based on 4 reviews.
Planet Ayurveda's Atirasadi Churna 200 Gm -10% Sold Out
The Atirasadi Churna is a combination of good ingredients that are helpful in managing the healthy f..
Rs. 999 Rs. 899
Based on 25 reviews.
* 100 % Authentic - Imported & Shipped Directly from USA* Price includes Customs Duty & Clea..
Rs. 4,690