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Ayurvedic Jams

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ORGANIC INDIA Ashwagandhadi Lehya Restorative & Nourishing Organic Ashwagandhadi Lehya is m..
₹ 285
Based on 1 reviews.
ORGANIC INDIA Ashwagandhadi Lehya: Organic Ashwagandhadi Lehya is made with 100 % Organic c..
₹ 285
Organic India CHYAWANPRASH 500g Sold Out
Organic India CHYAWANPRASH 500gms - Rejuvenates & Boosts ImmunityChyawanprash is used..
₹ 495
Based on 1 reviews.
Planet Ayurveda's Mutrakrichantak Churna 200 gm -10%
Mutrakrichantak Churna is a safe combination of kidney supporting ingredients used in Ayurveda ..
₹ 590 ₹ 530
Based on 83 reviews.
Good to maintain the physical and psychological changes that occur due to alcohol consumption.  ..
₹ 640
It is a formulation inspired from classical Ayurvedic formula“Saraswat Chunra”. Medhya Churna as a n..
₹ 640
Based on 4 reviews.
Our Gum Care Powder is made to maintain healthy teeth and gum care. This product is based on extensi..
₹ 640
Based on 7 reviews.
Ayurveda Experts call this combination “Tridoshic Rasayan”. According to Ancient Ayurvedic manuscrip..
₹ 640
Based on 5 reviews.
Planet Ayurveda's Atirasadi Churna 200 gm -10%
The Atirasadi Churna is a combination of good ingredients that are helpful in managing the heal..
₹ 999 ₹ 899
Based on 22 reviews.
* 100 % Authentic - Imported & Shipped Directly from USA* Price includes Customs Duty & Clea..
₹ 3,908