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ShopHealthy Wallet

ShopHealthy Wallet is a convenient prepaid account that every customer gets on registration. 

  • Like a mobile prepaid account you can maintain a balance by doing "Top Ups". 
  • You do not have to enter OTP or secondary password while completing your order. 
  • Available balance from Wallet is applied automatically to the order total thus making the checkout easy and convenient!

How do I get a ShopHealthy Wallet ?

  • You need to Register with to get the Wallet.

How do I access the Wallet ?

  • You can access the Wallet and view balance, top up and see transaction history after logging into My Account on

How do I see how much money I have in my Wallet ?

  • You can access the Wallet and view balance after logging into My Account on

How do I add money to my Wallet ?

  1. You can access the Wallet and top up balance after logging into My Account on
  2. Enter the amount of money you want to add to your account, click the check-box and click on the 'Top Up Wallet' button
    ShopHealthy Wallet Top Up
  3. Select Checkout and choose the payment option
  4. Complete the top up by selecting the 'Order' button at bottom of the page
    ShopHealthy Wallet Top up checkout
  5. After payment is confirmed your Wallet will be credited with the top up amount. You can see it in Wallet History

How do I pay for my purchases with the Wallet ?

  1. Select the products you want to purchase and proceed to checkout
  2. You do not have to do anything special. Simply verify the items you want to order and go through the usual check-out process.
  3. All of the balance in your wallet is available for redemption. So if there is balance in your wallet it will automatically be applied to the order.  
  4. If there is any excess amount that you need to pay then you can make payment for it via any of the existing payment mechanisms - card, net banking or paypal etc.
  5. On successful order you will receive an order confirmation email and sms which displays the amount deducted from your Wallet. You can also see the details in your Order History