Detox Tips to Get You back on your Feet

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Detox Tips to Get You back on your Feet

Indulged your taste buds too much this Diwali? Are you feeling off your game now and need to get back in the groove? Following a short detox diet may be just the right thing for you.

A detox diet is really just an opportunity to give your body the essential nutrients it needs while temporarily cutting out potentially harmful ingredients that it spends energy in digesting unnecessarily. If the digestive system is given easy to digest food even for a few days or hours, it does not have to spend energy to digest the heavy processed foods and that gives you the spare energy to get back on your feet and feel less bloated or lethargic or heavy in general. Ready to give it a try? Look through the ideas below and see what appeals to you most. These are tips you can use without any rigorous fasting or dieting:

  1. Drink more water than usual. Helps remove any toxins and keeps you hydrated and full.
  2. Consume more whole foods in place of processed foods as much as possible. 
  3. Sip on Green Tea instead of your regular tea which has sugar and milk. Green tea is also caffeine free and you can sweeten it with honey to avail its health benefits rather than sugar.
  4. Eliminate trigger foods such as sugar or gluten that can cause disturbances in your digestive system and drain you out of energy.
    1. Opt for healthy sugar alternatives such as honey, stevia, jaggery etc.
    2. Gluten free products such as millets and millet flours can be also consumed for a while to give a breather to your liver as they are easier to digest.
  5. If green tea is not your forte, go for flavoured green teas, healthy fruit infused teas, herbal teas or vegetable infused teas that appeal to you.
  6. Try to drink healthy juices that will boost the nutrient factor in your daily diet – such as wheatgrass juice, aloevera juice, amla juice, etc. You can either make them fresh or buy the ready to drink organic ones available these days.
  7. Try to sleep atleast 7 to 9 hours each night. Experiment with stress busting supplements such as Ashwagandha or Chamomile Tea if stress is causing you to not sleep well.
  8. Include Apple Cider Vinegar in your daily routine to remove toxins from your body, help with digestion, weight loss and regulate your blood sugar. Remember to dilute it with water before consuming.

In a nutshell, effective detoxification to lose weight and improve overall health requires reducing or eliminating what creates a toxic load, but it also requires giving your body everything it needs to optimally detoxify.

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28/11/2018, 10:55:25 PM

great tips... thank you for sharing... will try some fruit infused green tea

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