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SKRL Homeopathy

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Skrl Kasanil Tablets For Bronchial Asthma -5%
Homeopathic healing occurs in the most gentle; safe and quick manner. They are curative in nature an..
₹ 150 ₹ 143
Blumia Plus Tabets - Homeopathic remedy for Piles & Haemorrhoids -5%
BLUMIA PLUS TABFor bleeding and painful piles. Haemorrhoids also known as piles,are a swell..
₹ 150 ₹ 143
Dromex Tablets - Homeopathic Remedy for Acute and Chronic Cough -5%
It is an effective Homoeopathic Medicine which is specially formulated for all types of Acute and Ch..
₹ 150 ₹ 143
Lucoden Tablet 25gm- Homeopathic Remedy For Leucoderma Vitiligo (white Patches On Skin) -5%
Lucoden tablet is Homeopathic product that gives wonderful results in vitiligo (white patches) by en..
₹ 150 ₹ 143
Skrl Foot Cornil Tablets - Homeopathic Remedy For Foot Corns -5%
FOOTCORNIL TAB A Corn is a localised thickening of skin due to abnormal pressure or frictio..
₹ 150 ₹ 143
SKRL Acona Tablets - Homeopathic remedy for Anxiety & Stress Relief -5%
ACONA TAB VERRY useful for tension & depression, It is very effective for stress and anxiety, cu..
₹ 150 ₹ 143
Skrl Greynil 25g Anti Greying Of Hair Homeopathic Medicine -5%
It is a very effective Homeopathic Medicine for premature greying of hair. Now a days Premature grey..
₹ 150 ₹ 143
Based on 5 reviews.
Skrl Allium Plus Tablets - Homeopathic Remedy For Cholesterol Control -5%
TREATMENT FOR CHOLESTEROLCholesterol is a fatty or waxy substance present in blood that is requi..
₹ 150 ₹ 143
Skrl Hair Plus Oil 100ml -5%
Hairplus Oil is a medicated oil from SKRL which will enhance the growth of hair and prevent hair los..
₹ 170 ₹ 162
Skrl Baldex Oil 100ml -5%
Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp & can be the result of hereditory, ..
₹ 540 ₹ 513
Based on 8 reviews.
Skrl Lucoden Oil 100ml - Homeopathic Remedy For Leucoderma Vitiligo (white Patches On Skin) -5%
LUCODEN OIL External oil for LEUCODERMA (Vitiligo- White patches)   Lucoden oil is especiall..
₹ 850 ₹ 808