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Compress Pads

Compress Pads
This very basic form of treatment entails the folding of a piece of material, bandage or small towel, into a pad, wetting it and applying it to the areas to be treated. Two types of compresses can be used - that being cold or hot, and each of them has a specific place in the treatment of muscular pain, sprains, increasing circulation as well as reducing pain and congestion of the internal organs, and relieve lymphatic and fluid congestion.
Hot Compresses - Hot compresses are used to treat old injuries, muscle pain, rheumatic pain, menstrual cramps, boils, and toothache.
Cold Compresses - Cold compresses are used for recent sprains, bruising, swelling and inflammation, fever and headaches. It can also be used as a pep-up when feeling tired.
Essential oils and compresses - To select your essential oil for use with the compresses, have a look at the therapeutic properties of the essential oils, and then also view the individual essential oil profiles.
Please note that all serious illnesses must be referred to your licensed medical practitioner.
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