Wheezal WL-43 Osteoporosis Drops (30ml) : Strengthens Bones,Lowers Risk of Fracture, Improves Bone Density

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Sold Out Wheezal WL-43 Osteoporosis Drops (30ml) : Strengthens Bones,Lowers  Risk of Fracture, Improves Bone Density
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Also known as

WL-43, Osteopor


85 (gms)
3.9 (cm) x 3.9 (cm) x 9 (cm)

Wheezal WL-43 Osteoporosis Drops

Osteoporosis is a condition of fragile bone with an increased susceptibility to fracture. It weakens bone and increases risk of bones breaking. Bone mass (bone density) decreases after 35 years of age, and bone loss occurs more rapidly in women after menopause.


Strengthens Bones

Other Indications

  • Weakness and loss of strength while walking
  • Pain, cracking noise in the knees and legs while walking.


  • Asafoetida
  • Calcare Fluor
  • Calcarea Phos
  • Cortisone
  • Fluoric Acid
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Ruta
  • Silicea

Action Of Individual Ingredients

  • Asafoetida: Darting pain and caries in bones. Periosteum painful, swollen, enlarged. Ulcers affecting bones; thin.
  • Calcarea Fluor: It helps in chronic pain in joint affections, bone deformities, cracking in joints.
  • Calcarea Phos: Used in fractures that take time to heal; slow healing, works best in Menstrual problems associated with severe back pains. 
  • Cortisone: Weakness after acute or prostrating diseases.
  • Fluoric Acid: Inflammation of joints of fingers. Feeling as of a splinter under nail. Nails crumble. Caries and necrosis, especially of long bones. Coccygodnia. Ulcer over tibia.
  • Phosphoric Acid: Weak. Tearing pains in joints, bones, and periosteum. Cramps in upper arms and wrists. Great debility. Pains at night, as if bones were scraped.
  • Ruta: Acts upon the periosteum and cartilages, all parts of the body are painful, as if bruised. Pain in bones of feet and ankles. All parts of the body are painful.
  • Silicea: Diseases of bones, caries and necrosis are helped with it. It also checks pus formation around the bones. 


10 to 15 drops in little water before every meal four times a day or as described by the physician.

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

Other Attributes
Form FactorDrops
Remedy TypeHomeopathic
Country of OriginIndia
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