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Tonga Herbs Pro-biotic Complex Powder 200gm

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Tonga Herbs Pro-biotic Complex Powder 200gm
Brand: Tonga Herbs
Product Code: THPBCP
Availability: In Stock
Seller Id: 39075
Seller Rating: -2.3 / 5.0 (Total Ratings = 8)
Ships From: Bhubaneswar
Country of Origin JAPAN
Organic Yes
Veg or Non-Veg Veg
Container Type BOTTLE
Shelf Life 24 months
Estimated Delivery: 3-5 Business Days
Cash on Delivery (COD): Yes
₹ 861
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Tonga Herbs Pro - Biotic Complex Powder Is A Digestive Enzyme Supplement With Natural Digestive Enzymes, Launched By Tonga Herbs An Iso 9001-2015 Certified Company In Technical Collaboration With Tonga Mineral Resources, Tokyo, Japan. It Is 100% Natural Product And Without Any Side Effects. It Is Halal And Kosher Certified Product And Has Been Produced Under International Gmp Regulations. Bio-Zyme Systemic Enzymes Provide A High Capability Pancreatic Enzyme Complex To Support Healthy Digestion Of Fats, Carbohydrates, And Proteins. While Other Pancreatin Products Are Often Diluted With Salt Or Lactose, Bio-Zyme Systemic Enzymes Contains A Full-Strength Pancreatic Extract For Optimum Digestive Support. Bio-Zyme Systemic Enzymes Help Reduce Gas, Bloating And Fullness After Eating. Need Of Digestive Enzymes: We Eat Food, But Our Digestive System Doesn’t Absorb Food, It Absorbs Nutrients. Food Has To Be Broken Down Into Amino Acids (From Proteins), Fatty Acids And Cholesterol (From Fats), And Simple Sugars (From Carbohydrates), As Well As Vitamins, Minerals, And A Variety Of Other Plant And Animal Compounds. Digestive Enzymes, Primarily Produced In The Pancreas And Small Intestine, Break Down Our Food Into Nutrients So That Our Bodies Can Absorb Them. If We Don’t Have Enough Digestive Enzymes, We Can’t Break Down Our Food Which Means Even Though We’re Eating Well, We Aren’t Absorbing All That Good Nutrition.Need Of Digestive Enzyme Supplements: Inflammation In The Digestive Tract Such As That Caused By “Food Allergies,” Intestinal Permeability, Dysbiosis, Parasitic Infection, Etc. Can Lead To Deficiencies In Digestive Enzymes.It Has Been Associated With Decreased Digestive Function.This Is The Most Common Reason For Digestive Enzyme Problems. Chronic Stress Impaired Digestive Enzyme Output.Diseases May Prevent Proper Digestive Enzyme Production Like Pancreatic Problems, Including Cystic Fibrosis, Pancreatic Cancer, And Acute Or Chronic Pancreatitis. Brush Border Dysfunction And Crohn’s Can Also Cause Severe Problems.Digestive Enzyme Supplements Like Tonga Herbs Bio Zyme Can Help To Restore Normal Digestive Function, Including Digestive Enzymes. It Also Work By Reducing Inflammation In The Body And The Digestive Tract, Improving Nutrient Deficiencies, Removing Enzyme Inhibitors And Fixing Gut Bacteria.Role Of Pancreatic Enzymes:Pancreatic Enzymes Complex Contains:Papain And Bromelain Helps To Convert Protein Into Amino Acids. The Proper Digestion Of Protein Is Vital. Undigested Protein Particles Can Pass Through Your Intestinal Wall And End Up In Your Bloodstream. This Process Is Called "Leaky Gut Syndrome" And Can Cause Allergic Reactions Ranging From Fever To Abdominal Pain. Proper Absorption Of Protein In Needed For Energy And The Rebuilding Of Muscle And Cell Tissue.Trypsin And Chymotrypsin Helps To Break Down Large Protein Molecules By Cutting Protein Chains At Specific Sites And Produces Amino Acid. Inadequate Production Of These Digestive Enzymes Results In The Inability To Completely Digest Food. This Can Result In Abdominal Pain, Indigestion, Gas And Malnutrition. This Condition Is Treatable With Digestive Enzyme Supplements.Amylase Breaks Down Carbohydrates, Including Whole Grains, White Flours, Sugars And Starchy Vegetables. Lysozyme Attacks The Protective Cell Walls Of Bacteria And Has Antibacterial And Antimicrobial Action.Lipase Helps To Properly Digest Fat.Health Benefits Of Biozyme Powder:Can Assist In The Digestion Of Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins.Can Help In Relieving Gas, Bloating And Upset Stomach.Can Help Keep The Intestines Free Of Parasites, Bacteria, Yeast And Protozoa.Can Help Reduce Inflammation.May Help Support Joint Health. Biozyme - It Is A Drug, Received In The Result Of Rational Combination Of Probiotics, Prebiotics With Artichoke And Lactoferrin. Complex Components Restore Intestinal Micro Flora, Stimulate Intestinal Motility, Ensure The Regularity Of The Stool, Prevent Diarrhea, Excessive Flatulence, Normalize Digestion, Enhance The Secretion Of Digestive Juices And Bile, Remove Toxins From The Body, Strengthen The Immune System. Directions Of Use: 10 G Of Powder Can Be Mixed With Water, Juice Or Soup And Advised To Be Taken With Morning Meal. Please Continue For 6-12 Months Regularly For Optimum Results.Caution: As With Any Supplement, If You Are Pregnant, Nursing Or Taking Medication, Consult Your Doctor Before Use, Discontinue Use Two Weeks Prior To Surgery. This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease.Fssai License – 22019019000067

Other Attributes
Form FactorPowder
Country of OriginJAPAN
Veg or Non-VegVeg
Container TypeBOTTLE
Shelf Life24 months
Shipping & Handling:FREE
Estimated Delivery:3-5 Business Days
Cash on Delivery (COD):Yes
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