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The Earth Reserve


The Earth Reserve believes in Natural Living. it is a project committed to Nature: enhancing it, sharing it and treasuring it! The Earth Reserve is a premium collection of homemade and handmade products that are all natural or certified organic, traditionally inspired and wholesome. The entire collection is free of artificial colours, artificial flavours, synthetic preservatives and flavour enhancers. Free of chemical additives, The Earth Reserve collection will always strive to maintain its natural purity and goodness which is inspired by traditional recipes and which uses local ingredients, making it truly rare!

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Completely free of synthetic chemicals and adulteration, this nutritious powder can be used for culi..
Rs. 65
All Natural Multi Millet Papad is a mixture of all healthy and organic ingredients without any prese..
Rs. 115
These crunchy papads are the healthy version of the ones commercially available as it is made withou..
Rs. 130
These papads can be fried or if you are looking for a healthy option to cook it without oil, you cou..
Rs. 140
If you’re looking for something to snack on that is tasty, wholesome and nutritious at the same time..
Rs. 150
Crack open the thin shell to discover a soft kernel that can be grated or ground and used for culina..
Rs. 160
Nutmeg and nut mace are two spices from the same fruit. Nutmeg is the kernel inside the seed, wherea..
Rs. 175
The rich flavour of these large sized peppercorns stem from the fact that these are grown free of an..
Rs. 175
All natural vacuum fried seasoned jackfruit crips is free of preservative,MSG added colours, & f..
Rs. 180
The Bird’s Eye Chilli, is one of the most piquant (hot) chillies in the world! It is paradoxical tha..
Rs. 200
Get the real aroma and flavour of this aromatic flower bud without the added traces and smells of an..
Rs. 205
Foxtail millet and Whole Wheat pasta is highly nutritious, high in calcium, potassium, iron, copper ..
Rs. 225
This Soap is Hand crafted with natural ingredients.The natural ingridents in it evens the skin tone ..
Rs. 345
Hand crafted with natural ingredients.The natural glycerin moisturize the skin and Promotes skin rej..
Rs. 345
Hand crafted with natural ingredients.The antioxidant - packed coriander oil slows down skin ageing ..
Rs. 345
No chemical is needed to extend our products shelf life as it is fresh. No chemical is needed to ext..
Rs. 389
Salted jaggerry butter is made with real fresh cream and Jaggery without adding any additives or pre..
Rs. 399
Coffee butter is made with real fresh cream and coffee without adding any additives or preservative...
Rs. 399
Homemade with bananas that grow wild, without pesticides or other chemical sprays, in the plains of ..
Rs. 439
Made from Lovilovi plums and Bird’s Eye Chillies that grow wild in the coffee estates of Coorg, The ..
Rs. 439
This all natural pickle with no added chemicals tastes good and provides you a versatile usage; Live..
Rs. 445
The Earth Reserve's Grape and Sweet Lime Preserve is defined by its fruity presence, thick consisten..
Rs. 445
This sweet, Spices infused Pineapple Jam is made of Ripe, juicy pineapples which are handpicked from..
Rs. 445
Barbados Cherry & Bird's Eye Chilli Sweet Pickle.Made with barbados cherries and bird's eye chil..
Rs. 449