What is Wheat Germ?

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What is Wheat Germ?
What is Wheat Germ?

Walk past any health food store and you will no doubt see advertisements for wheat germ. Wheat germ is one of the most nutritional products available. In fact, wheat germ contains 23 nutrients, and has more nutrients per ounce than any other vegetable or grain.
Wheat germ is the embryo part of the kernel. This is where the sprout originates. It makes up only about 2.5 percent of the kernel weight, yet it is extremely rich in nutrients. The word germ does not have anything to do with bacteria; it simply refers to germination. The germ is the reproductive part that germinates and forms the wheat grass.
Nutritional Information
Wheat germ is very high in protein. It contains around 28 percent protein and has more protein than can be found in most meat products. The human body needs protein in order to repair tissue damage and to help minerals and nutrients reach our cells.
The amount of nutrients that are contained within wheat germ seems endless. It contains more potassium and iron than any other food source. Also found in great quantities are riboflavin, calcium, zinc, magensium and vitamins A, B1 and B3. Vitamins B1 and 3 are very important to maintain energy levels and maintain healthy muscles, organs, hair and skin.
Another important vitamin found in wheat germ is vitamin E. Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant. It is helpful in preventing the body's aging process and also to prevent heart disease. Vitamin E also helps to prevent blood clots and is needed to strengthen the body’s immune system. Thus people use wheat germ for various conditions such as preventing or repairing hair loss, controlling diabetes, improving fertility, etc. Due to its high vitamin E content, it is also a key ingredient in many beauty products such as soaps, oils, etc. such as those available here.
How to Use in Food
  • Mix 2 dessert spoons of wheat germ in a cup of milk, add sweetener of your choice and fruits to make a tasty and nutritious breakfast cereal. Lean filling of wheat germ on the tops of fruits, jelly, ice creams, curd, kheer etc will give tasty results.
  • Mix 15 gms of wheat germ with 200 gms of whole wheat atta to make roti, parathas etc with high fiber ratio. Ratio can be altered as per taste. Skimmed milk powder, curd, ajwain, methi etc may be added to rotis or parathas as per taste.
  • If you make your own bread or cakes you can easily add wheat germ when baking by using it instead of a small amount of flour. You will find that it has a nutty flavor that is not too overpowering. It can also be added to meat dishes, eggs, vegetables and even yogurt.

Where to Buy?
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