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Apsara’s Secret Desire Capsules,a Psara Vagina Tightening Oil, Apsara's Secret Breast Firming Oil( Combo Pack)

-10% Apsara’s Secret Desire Capsules,a Psara Vagina Tightening Oil, Apsara's Secret Breast Firming Oil( Combo Pack)
Brand: Shivalik Herbals
Product Code: SH-M0103
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin India
Container Type Combo Pack
Shelf Life 3 Years from Date of Manufacturing.
Estimated Delivery: 3-5 Business Days
Cash on Delivery (COD): Yes
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Apsara’s Secret Desire Capsules
For women, life today is more tough and demanding, the dual workload of home and office have detrimental effects on your sexuality. Constant stress deteriorates general and sexual health which worsens the problems and both professional and personal life starts suffering.
Apsara’s Secret Desire capsule is Ayurvedic herbal formula specifically for women to help heighten libido, Vaginal Lubrication & the overall sexual experience.
In Indian mythology, Apsaras reside in heaven and they always remain young and sensual. For centuries Indian society has been dominated by males that is why many herbal and drug companies have focused only on manufacturing products to help men to have better sex. It is a fact that nearly 85% women experience little or no sexual pleasure (with satisfaction) during intercourse.
Our Ayurvedacharayas have formulated a female libido enhancer in the name of Apsara’s Secret Desire Capsules specifically to provide maximum benefits to women to turn bad sex into good sex. Apsara’s Secret Desire Capsules contain essential herbs that fulfil a woman’s sexual desire & intensity.
Apsara’s Secret Desire Capsules help to:

  • Heightens Libido and restore lack of sex drive
  • Increases Vaginal Lubrication
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Tightens Vagina
  • Cures frigidity due to Menopause and other reasons.

 Apsara’s Secret Desire Oil
Vagina Tightening Oil
Apsara’s are the divine girls who reside in heaven and they used natural products with which they never get old.  Apsara’s Secret Desire Oil is one such Ayurvedic massage oil that regains the original shape of loosened vagina and your partner feels as if you have turned virgin again. This oil contains the time-tested formulation from ancient Ayurveda, which was used by queens to improve their sexual pleasures like Apsara’s.
Female vagina gets loosened with age due to Child birth and other reasons. Apsara’s Secret Desire Oil is the best herbal oil for vagina tightening. It contains only natural ingredients which include Vach, Naag Kesar, Blue Lotus, Daru Haldi, Shatavari, Olive oil etc. These all help to treat vaginal looseness and restore the elasticity of the vaginal walls, as they had been used in for centuries for these specific purposes from ancient time.
Apsara’s Secret Desire Oil accelerates the blood circulation, causing the clitoral uplift which produces sexual excitement, shortens the reaction time and increases vaginal wall contractility. Oil based lubricants give a great long-lasting, silky smooth experience and being thicker and creamier in nature, they last longer during sex.
Apsara’s Secret Desire Oil is 100 % Natural product free from any chemicals, so that you can use it on your private parts without any worry. It is free from any side effects.

  • Regain the original shape of Loosened Vagina after delivery or other reasons.
  • Increases the Libido and Improves sexual satisfaction.
  • The massaging action increases the blood flow to the vagina and increases the impulses for initiating the sexual act.
  • The highly organized sensory system then transmits signals to the brain thereby initiating the urge for sex.
  •  It not only increases the libido and sexual satisfaction but boosts energy levels and reduces the severity of PMS Symptoms.
  • Ensures orgasm for both the partners.

Apsara's Secret Breast Firming Oil
As the name suggests, ‘Apsara secret’ is the secret of Apsaras who have used this oil to get the frim and perky breasts and this secret is out now with this ‘Apsara's Secret Breast Firming Oil’. It is one of the best Ancient Herbal Formulation that has been used since ages. This Oil is enriched with the goodness of pure herbs and helps to get desired results in a short span. Anti-Oxidants present in this oil, reverses the damage caused by free radicals and thus helps to give firm breast. Every woman wants to look beautiful and breasts play an important role in enhancing beauty of women. Shape of breast changes after pregnancy, hormonal changes, ageing or there can be other factors.
Benefits of Apsara Secret Breast Firming Oil:

  • Gives firm breasts, removes sagging or elasticity and Tightens up loose and shapeless breast
  • Tone up breasts to give perfect shape.
  • Best for Under Developed Breasts and Lifts up Bust Line.
  • Nourishes Breasts with Vitamins and Proteins.
  • 100% Natural and No side Effects.
  • No Surgery or Pain

How to use: Massage Apsara Secret Oil in circular motion for three to five minutes. Do not wash the area after applying oil.
 It is GMP, HALAL, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 certified company.100% Safe and Natural, Highest Quality Ingredients used. For Best Results, use it for a minimum of 3 months.

Other Attributes
Remedy TypeAyurvedic
Country of OriginIndia
Container TypeCombo Pack
Shelf Life3 Years from Date of Manufacturing.
Shipping & Handling:FREE
Estimated Delivery:3-5 Business Days
Cash on Delivery (COD):Yes
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