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It is a combination of herbals to prepare decoction in large quantity for after delivery bathing. It contains natural antiseptic anti-inflammatory and analgesics like Udumbaram Plaksha Pippali Nyagrodha Useera etc. The medicines are bundled up and used for boiling water for bath. This helps to reduce the swellings, pain and infections also accelerates wound healing. The ingredients also improves the complexion and luster of skin. It clears the sweat pores there by reducing the chances of skin infections. Herbal bath is highly rejuvenate and energizing for a lady after delivery.

₹ 500

A mixture of Jathikka, Mashikka, Vayambu, Idampirivalampiri, Irattimadhuram, Rudraksham, Palkayam. This is grinded with honey and administered as linctus. This is palatable for the baby. This formulation aims in improving digestion immunity and brain functions of the baby. This also helps in relieving gas, stomach ache, provides better bowel evacuation, reduces excess phlegm secretions and protects from the infestation of microorganisms. This combination is 100 percent herbal.

₹ 250

It contains natural skin cleansers like Mudga, Asana, and kushta. These are skin cleansers as well as toners. This combination doesn't contain soap. It is used instead of soap as body wash to remove the excess oil. This retains the normal oil film in the skin which makes the skin glossy. It does not cause dryness of skin. Gentle scrub effect improves superficial blood flow that maintains skin health. The removal of dead skin provides the lighter skin tone.

₹ 180

An ideal and comfortable way to hold the pad after delivery. It is made of breathable material to have proper aeration which indeed helps to prevent fungal infections, itching and odour. A healthy hygienic and easy way to manage post-delivery spotting. The soft and stretchable waist band is gentle at the incisional sites there by preventing pain due to abrasions.

₹ 499

An ayurvedic blend for healthy skin. Natural mix of herbals like Dasamoolam, Nalpamaram, Thazhuthama and Triphala. This combination when used for massage increase blood circulation to the skin thereby helps to remove dead skin, swellings and pain. The prolonged use helps in lightening the scar and stretchmarks of the tummy. The massage with the oil also helps in burning the sub cutaneous fat and helps in the tightening of tummy.

₹ 850

Ayurvedic after delivery medical kit for mothers which include Face pack, Face massage oil, Vethu marunnu (pack of herbs), Mother (body) massage oil, Snanachoornam, Rasnadi choornam, Hair oil, Hair shampoo. This package includes total body care for mother. The massage oil improves the strength of muscles while face massage oil improves the luster of skin. Face packs reduces the pigmentations and blemishes. Hair care is done by the special hair oil and gentle shampoo. Snanachoornam for shower refreshes the mother and helps to regain her vibrancy. Rasnadi choornam prevents any attacks of common cold or neck pain also reduces allergic symptoms. In short mother care medical kit just pull up the endurance and restore the tone of the body.

₹ 2,000

A perfect blend of skin care and blood purifying drugs viz. Haridra, Raktachandana, Laudra,Thamaravalayam,Useera. This combination helps in the dead cell removal of skin. Thereby enhancing the luster of skin and reduces the pigmentations like melisma etc. It takes off excess oil from the skin preventing the eruption of acnes. Face pack when used with face massage oil gives splendid results as glowing blemish free fair skin.

₹ 185

Our face massage oil is a combination of Nalpamaradi and Kumkumadi thailam. Using the oil for face massage improves the blood circulation to the face there by enhancing the tone and luster of the facial skin. This prevents as well as reduces blemishes, pigmentations, dryness etc. This also prevents the eruption of acne, white and black heads etc. Regular usage of oil for face massage will lighten up the melisma pigmentation occurring during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

₹ 250

This special combination is formulated for baby's healthy growth. The blend of Bala, Haridra and Vacha in cow's milk and coconut oil surge up the blood flow to the muscles and skin of the baby. The massage makes the baby more energetic lustrous and active. Baby cheerfully enjoys the massage. This also improves the flexibility of the body.

₹ 160

High quality flexible crape material to bind the abdomen after the delivery. This helps in assisting proper involution of uterus there by tightening the tummy. It also gives additional support to back bone and prevent the occurrence of back ache.

₹ 600