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<div> <div class="productDetailFull" data-reactid="205"> <div data-reactid="206"> <h2 data-reactid="207">Properties</h2><div class="properties" data-reactid="208"> <div class="propertyRow" data-reactid="209"> <div class="propertyLable" data-reactid="210">Weight</div><div class="propertyValue" data-reactid="211">130 (gms)</div> </div><div class="propertyRow" data-reactid="212"> <div class="propertyLable" data-reactid="213">Dimensions</div><div class="propertyValue" data-reactid="214">7 (cm) x 7 (cm) x 7.5 (cm)</div> </div> </div> </div><div data-reactid="215"> <h2>About Yastimadhu Churna</h2><p>Yastimadhu(also spelled as Licorice, botanically Glycyrrhiza Glabra, also known as Mulethi in Hindi and Liquorice) is an important herb used in ayurveda, Indian medicines, home remedies and folk medicines. The health benefits of Liquorice include its use in hyperacidity, ulcer, general debility, joint pains and some other diseases. It is beneficial in these diseases due to its medicinal properties. It is a good anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. It also acts as antacid and aphrodisiac.</p><h2>Medicinal Properties of Yastimadhu Churna</h2><p>Yastimadhu(Mulethi) has following healing properties.</p><ul> <li>Antacid</li> <li>Anti-ulcerogenic</li> <li>Anti-inflammatory</li> <li>Anti-oxidant</li> <li>Anti-Alzheimer’s</li> <li>Anti-obesogenic</li> <li>Anti-adipogenic</li> <li>Anti-atherogenic</li> <li>Anticancer</li> <li>Anti-angiogenic (in cancer or Tumors)</li> <li>Anti-proliferative (in cancer or Tumors)</li> <li>Anti-asthmatic</li> <li>Antibacterial</li> <li>Adaptogenic</li> <li>Analgesic</li> <li>Anti-arthritic</li> <li>Antidepressant</li> <li>Antioxidant</li> <li>Anti-stress</li> <li>Antitussive</li> <li>Aphrodisiac</li> <li>Demulcent</li> <li>Expectorant</li> <li>Immuno-modulator</li> <li>Mild estrogenic – It might influence estrogen level in women.</li> </ul><h2>Benefits &amp; Medicinal uses of Yastimadhu Churna</h2><p>The main beneficial effects of Yastimadhu (Mulethi) are on digestive system and respiratory system. It helps in relieving gastric symptoms such as heartburn, burning sensation in the abdomen, peptic and duodenal ulcer, abdominal colic, GERD and chronic gastritis.Yastimadhu (Mulethi) contains Glycyrrhizin, which is sweet in taste and reduces inflammation of gastrointestinal tract. It benefits in following diseases related to digestive system.</p><h3><strong>Hyperacidity and Gastritis</strong></h3><p>Yastimadhu(Mulethi) acts as antacid and reduce free and total HCL levels in the stomach. It decreases acidic irritation to peptic mucosa. It is effective in acute as well as chronic gastritis.In Indian Medicine, Yastimadhu (mulethi) is used with amla powder, coriander seed powder, giloy and nut grass powder for relieving gastritis and hyperacidity.</p><h3><strong>Stomach ulcers</strong></h3><p>Yastimadhu has anti-inflammatory effects and anti-ulcer properties. Mulethi decreases the inflammation of stomach linings. Various studies have shown its significant anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory diseases.Liquorice has protective effects against stomach ulcer. It reduces the chances of gastric ulceration induced by aspirin and other NSAIDs.In duodenal ulcer, deglycyrrhizinized Yastimadhu has ulcer healing properties. It corrects the gastric mucosa and reduces ulcerations.</p><h3><strong>Helicobacter pylori infection induced peptic ulcer</strong></h3><p>Yastimadhu extract has some flavonoids, which act as Anti-Helicobacter pylori. The flavonoids such as glabridin and glabrene found in Yastimadhu have inhibitory effects against H. pylori. Therefore, Yastimadhu can be used against H. pylori infection and peptic ulcer caused due to H. pylori.</p><h3><strong>Aphthous ulcers or Mouth ulcers or Canker sores</strong></h3><p>Yastimadhu can provide 50 to 75% relief from Aphthous ulcers within in one day and complete remission of ulcers within three days.Canker sores are a common type of mouth ulcer characterized by pain and tenderness. These are white or yellow in appearance surrounded by red area.Yastimadhu water or tea reduces the pain and tenderness. Its gargle is also effective in reducing the size of canker sores.</p><h3><strong>Ulcerative colitis</strong></h3><p>Yastimadhu contains a Glabridin compound, which reduces colonic inflammation. Yastimadhu can speed up healing process in inflamed mucosa and prevent ulceration of mucosa of the intestines.In ayurveda, Yastimadhu is used with Indian gooseberry, Bamboo Manna (vanshlochan) and Giloy satva for ulcerative colitis treatment.</p><h3><strong>Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease</strong></h3><p>Yastimadhu can help in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It reduces elevated liver enzymes.According to ayurveda, Yastimadhu is not a potent remedy for liver diseases, but it can help in this condition when taken with other hepatic protective herbs such as Punarnava, Bhringraj, Giloy, Patha etc.</p><h3>Cough</h3><p>Yastimadhu &nbsp;is therapeutically helpful in sore throat, throat irritation, cough and bronchitis.Yastimadhu has expectorant properties. It also eases coughing up the thick yellow sputum accumulated in the lungs. Due to antibacterial properties, it also reduces infection of upper respiratory tract. It reduces throat irritation and helps in chronic cough.</p><h3><strong>Bronchitis &amp; Asthma</strong></h3><p>Yastimadhu attenuates the inflammation of bronchi and and soothes respiratory tract, so it helps in bronchitis. Due to anti-inflammatory effects, licorice is effective in many inflammatory diseases including bronchitis and arthritis. It can also be beneficial in allergic asthma, according to studies.</p><h3><strong>High cholesterol</strong></h3><p>Yastimadhu has potency to reduce serum cholesterol levels and hepatic cholesterol. The possible action of licorice might be associated with conversion of cholesterol into the bile.</p><h3><strong>Atherosclerosis</strong></h3><p>Yastimadhu root or mulethi has anti-atherosclerotic characteristics. The effects can be due to reduction of serum cholesterol and plaque formation in the blood vessels. Another antioxidant property can also potentiate its effects in preventing cardiovascular diseases.</p><h3><strong>Hormones</strong></h3><p>Yastimadhu is known for its effects on adrenal gland. It improves the adrenal gland functions. Licorice can be helpful in people who take steroid drugs, because steroids suppress important adrenal gland functions and results in adrenal insufficiency. Licorice assists adrenal gland to recover its natural functions and stimulates adrenal hormones.In asthma, it can be used with Pushkarmool powder and honey.</p><h3><strong>Malaria</strong></h3><p>Chinese licorice roots contain a compound named as LICOCHALCONE. It inhibits the falciparum strain and its effects are similar to chloroquine. The studies have concluded that a new isolated licorice compound has potent anti-malarial properties.</p><h3><strong>Tuberculosis</strong></h3><p>Yastimadhu found in Chinese licorice roots has inhibitory effects against myco-bacterial species. However, yet further studies are required to investigate the results of licorice in tuberculosis, but it can help in bacterial lung infections.&nbsp;</p><h3><strong>Sore throat</strong></h3><p>Gargle with licorice water or decoction reduces throat inflammation, irritation and pain. The studies have shown that licorice gargle reduces incidence of sore throat by 50% in post-extubation coughing and attenuates postoperative sore throat.</p><h3><strong>High potassium levels</strong></h3><p>Some research studies conclude that there are certain compounds found in licorice decreases potassium levels in the blood. It might be effective in cases of high serum potassium in people with kidney diseases and diabetes.The main warning is that it should not used in cases with low potassium levels and high sodium levels. Otherwise, it may result in sever myopathy due to hypokalemia.</p><h3><strong>Eczema</strong></h3><p>Licorice paste, oil or gel application helps in eczema and inflamed and itchy skin. Some herbal creams and gel used for eczema treatment contains licorice extract. It reduces itchiness, redness and swelling.</p><h3><strong>Hair fall &amp; premature graying of hairs</strong></h3><p>In ayurveda, licorice is used for preventing hair fall. It is useful orally as well as in herbal shampoos. According to ayurveda, vitiation in PITTA and VATA humor results in hair fall and premature graying of hairs. Licorice affects on both humors and helps in pacification of these aggravated humors activities in the body.</p><h3><strong>Blemishes and dark spots</strong></h3><p>Generally, blemishes and dark spots are found in PITTA type people or in PITTA aggravation. Licorice with Indian gooseberry shows promising results in decreasing blemishes and dark spots. According to our experience, it can take up to 3 to 6 months for a complete fading of blemishes and dark spots. This herbal combination is more effective in blemishes than dark spots.Generally, it is used with calcium supplement because ayurveda believes that hairs are matter produces from minerals, which also helps forming the bone. Yet, there are no evidences available supporting these claims.</p><h3><strong>Muscle cramps</strong></h3><p>Licorice has antispasmodic and muscle relaxant characteristics. It reduces muscle cramps and tenderness in patients with fibromyalgia.Its effects are more shown on abdominal spasm that occurs during menstruation in women, but it cannot be so potent that it can work alone, so patient may require other medications too.</p><h3><strong>Osteoarthritis</strong></h3><p>In ayurvedic medicine, licorice is used with Ashwagandha for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Many ayurvedic analgesic preparations contain licorice and ashwagandha as main ingredient.</p><h3><strong>Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)</strong></h3><p>Licorice can help patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. This action of licorice might be due to strengthening and antioxidant activities.</p><h3><strong>Oligospermia</strong></h3><p>Licorice has cooling effect in the body, according to ayurveda. It also has a great strengthening rejuvenation effects. It is used with other herbs to boost spermatogenesis and quality.</p><h3><strong>Seminal Weakness</strong></h3><p>However, licorice is not recommended in people with loss of libido, but it can help men suffering with early discharge or seminal weakness . Generally, hyper-excitement or hypersensitivity is a cause of early discharge in men. Licorice reduces excessive excitement and thus helps in treating early discharge problems in men. Sometimes, mind plays a role in early discharge in which licorice is also effective.</p><h3><strong>Prostate hypertrophy or cancer</strong></h3><p>Licorice is also used in prostate hypertrophy and prostate cancer, but its relevant studies are not yet available on this subject.</p><h3><strong>Abdominal fat</strong></h3><p>Licorice contains some flavonoids, which reduces abdominal fat accumulation. The research suggests that it also has hypoglycemic effects, so mulethi (Liquorice) can benefits in diabetes too.It can also help obese people with elevated serum cholesterol levels. We already discussed the effects of licorice on cholesterol in heart health section above.</p><h2>Dosage &amp; Administration</h2><p>The general dosage of Licorice Powder (Mulethi Churna) is as follows.Children-250 mg to 1.5 gramsAdults-1 to 3 grams-6 grams Per Day (in divided doses)Twice Daily with Water, Lukewarm Milk or as recommended by physician</p><h2>Side Effects</h2><p>Regular intake of mulethi is also not suggestible because regular intake also results in low potassium and high sodium in the body, which can cause fluid retention.A few side effects are listed here</p><ul> <li>High blood pressure</li> <li>Low potassium in the blood</li> <li>High sodium levels</li> <li>Bloating</li> <li>Fluid retention</li> </ul> </div><div data-reactid="216"> <h2 data-reactid="217">Terms and Conditions</h2><p data-reactid="218">We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.</p> </div> </div> </div>
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<div> <div class="productDetailFull" data-reactid="204"> <div data-reactid="205"> <h2 data-reactid="206">Properties</h2><div class="properties" data-reactid="207"> <div class="propertyRow" data-reactid="208"> <div class="propertyLable" data-reactid="209">Weight</div><div class="propertyValue" data-reactid="210">130 (gms)</div> </div><div class="propertyRow" data-reactid="211"> <div class="propertyLable" data-reactid="212">Dimensions</div><div class="propertyValue" data-reactid="213">7 (cm) x 7 (cm) x 7.5 (cm)</div> </div> </div> </div><div data-reactid="214"> <h2>About Trikatu Churna</h2><p>Trikatu Churna is a simple mixture of three Indian spices. Trikatu Churna is in powder form. It is widely used in Ayurvedic treatments and in Indian household. Trikatu Churna falls both under medicinal herbs and dietary herbs. ... Chruna is a Sanskrit term meaning powder.</p><h2>Ingredients (Composition) of Trikatu Churna</h2><ul> <li>Black Pepper (KALI MIRCH) – Piper Nigrum</li> <li>Long Pepper (PIPPALI) – Piper Longum</li> <li>Dried Ginger (SONDH) – Zingiber Officinale</li> </ul><h2>Medicinal Properties of Trikatu Churna</h2><ul> <li>Bio-enhancer (increases bioavailability of other medicines)</li> <li>Chemo-protective</li> <li>Anti-viral</li> <li>Expectorant</li> <li>Carminative</li> <li>Appetizer &amp; Digestive Stimulant</li> <li>Hypo-glycemic</li> <li>Fat Burner</li> <li>Mild anodyne</li> <li>Hypolipidemic</li> <li>Antiemetic</li> <li>Anti-inflammatory</li> </ul><h2>Therapeutic Indications of Trikatu Churna</h2><p>Trikatu Churna is helpful in following health conditions.</p><h3><strong>General</strong></h3><ul> <li>Weight loss (obesity)</li> <li>Body aches with feeling of heaviness in the body</li> </ul><h3><strong>Heart &amp; Blood</strong></h3><ul> <li>High cholesterol levels</li> <li>Atherosclerosis</li> <li>High blood pressure due to hypercholesterolemia</li> </ul><h3><strong>Lungs &amp; Airways</strong></h3><ul> <li>Common cold (acute phase during running nose)</li> <li>Cough with thin white phlegm</li> <li>Asthma (chest congestion due to phlegm)</li> </ul><h3><strong>Digestive Health</strong></h3><ul> <li>Constipation with mucous or sticky stool</li> <li>Loss of appetite</li> <li>Indigestion</li> <li>Gas or flatulence</li> <li>Bloating</li> <li>Abdominal distension</li> <li>Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)</li> </ul><h3><strong>Muscle, Bones &amp; Joints</strong></h3><ul> <li>Gout</li> </ul><h2>Benefits &amp; Uses of Trikatu Churna</h2><p>Trikatu Churna has primary effect on stomach and increases digestive juices, which helps stimulating digestion. It also has influence on liver and increases production of bile salts. It stimulates secretion of bile from the gall bladder. It also stimulates pancreas functions. Therefore, it affects overall digestive system.</p><h3><strong>Increase bioavailability of nutrients &amp; medicines</strong></h3><p>Trikatu contains PIPERINE, which is a great bio-enhancer phytochemical. It promotes the bioavailability of nutrients and other medicines including both ayurvedic as well as modern drugs. However, Trikatu Churna may not have synergistic effect with other drugs, but increases the absorption of the drugs in the blood stream. It is helpful for those medicines, which are poorly absorbed in the blood stream. Almost all ayurvedic medicines contain Trikatu powder due to three main reasons.</p><ul> <li>Bio-enhancement of medicines</li> <li>Correcting digestive fire</li> <li>Reducing AMA (toxins developed due to undigested food) formation</li> </ul><p>Therefore, Trikatu churna is an essential ingredient in all types of ayurvedic remedies. Trikatu also improves and potentiates the action and functions of mineral-based medicines.</p><h3><strong>Obesity (Weight loss)</strong></h3><p>However, Trikatu churna is not appetite suppressant. Many places have wrongly described Trikatu as appetite suppressant, which is clinically as well as theoretically wrong statement. But it reduces body weight by acting on the root cause of obesity.</p><p>According to ayurveda, there are seven main tissues (DHATUS) and Fatty Tissue (MEDA) is one of them. Each DHATU plays a crucial role in formation of other DHATU. Blood (RAKTA) plays a role in accumulation of fat. The fatty acid concentration in the blood increases after having a meal. Insulin released from the pancreas stimulates the uptake of fatty acids in different cells of the body including fat cells, liver cells and muscle cells.</p><p>In ayurveda, this process is taken under action of BHOOTAGANI, which helps in metabolic transformation. Thereafter, there will be two main fates of metabolic process. One is utilization of fats and second is accumulation of fat in the body.</p><h3><strong>Body aches with feeling of heaviness in the body</strong></h3><p>Many people have reported body aches with feeling of heaviness in the body, which is generally common in winters. Trikatu powder increases warmth in the body and reduces body aches, heaviness, fatigue, restlessness etc.</p><h3><strong>High cholesterol levels</strong></h3><p>Trikatu churna is a good cholesterol-lowering remedy. &nbsp;Trikatu increase synthesis of bile acid from cholesterol in the liver. However, it may not block the cholesterol production like modern medicines, but it helps in proper utilization of cholesterol in the body and thus reduces excess cholesterol level in the blood.</p><h3><strong>Common cold (acute phase during running nose)</strong></h3><p>Trikatu churna has antiviral properties. It is taken with honey to reduce running nose and sneezing in the common cold. It is effective when running nose, congestion, sneezing and body aches are main symptoms. However, if throat is red, irritated and inflamed or if one has dry cough due to irritation in throat, Trikatu is not suitable in such condition. According to our experience, Trikatu is good in first 2 days of common cold. After that, Holy Basil (Tulsi) with some other herbs is more beneficial.</p><h3><strong>Asthma (chest congestion due to phlegm)</strong></h3><p>All three herbs present in Trikatu churna have bronchodilatory action. It also reduces production of phlegm and chest congestion.</p><h3><strong>Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)</strong></h3><p>Modern science yet does not know the exact cause of irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. Ayurvedic science believes it occurs due to malfunction of digestive fire, which affects widely all digestive organs. In this condition, some triggers cause contractions of intestinal muscles, which causes flatulence, gas, cramps, bloating or diarrhea.</p><h3><strong>Gout</strong></h3><p>In gout, patients have two types of pain experience. Some has pain with tenderness, redness and warmth on affected joints. In this case, Trikatu will not work.</p><p>Trikatu churna works in gout when patient has pain with Fatigue,Tiredness,Laziness,Joint stiffness,Feeling of heaviness in the body</p><h3><strong>Nausea, Vomiting and loss of appetite in pregnancy</strong></h3><p>Trikatu churna is a great solution for pregnancy symptoms unless you have burning sensation or acid dyspepsia. It increases appetite, reduces feeling of nausea in pregnancy with dosage 125 mg to 250 mg twice a day. The honey is best adjuvant in such cases.</p><h2>Dosage of Trikatu Churna</h2><p>The dosage of Trikatu churna is 125 mg to 500 mg twice a day. If the dosage increases from one gram per day, it may cause heartburn or acidity. Therefore, we consider the maximum dosage of Trikatu powder is 1000 mg a day.</p><h2>Caution of Trikatu Churna</h2><p>However, Trikatu churna contains herbs and spices, which we use in our daily kitchen, but the excess intake can cause some unwanted effects. In the dosage less than 1 gram per day, it is safe to use.</p><h2>Side Effects of Trikatu Churna</h2><p>The most common side effect of Trikatu is heartburn and acidity. The excess dosage may cause following side effects.</p><ul> <li>Burning aftertaste</li> <li>Heartburn</li> <li>Burning sensation in the throat</li> <li>Heat sensation in the body</li> <li>Mouth ulcer (rare)</li> <li>Sweating (rare)</li> <li>Redness in eyes or burning sensation in eyes (very rare)</li> </ul><h3><strong>Pregnancy &amp; Breastfeeding</strong></h3><p>Trikatu powder is beneficial in pregnancy as well as in breastfeeding. It is SAFE in dosage of 500 mg per day in pregnancy and 1000 mg per day in lactation.</p><p>The larger dosage may be UNSAFE. Therefore, the maximum dosage should not exceed from 500 mg per day in pregnancy and 1000 mg in breastfeeding. The larger dosage in pregnancy may trigger miscarriage, spotting or bleeding.</p><h2>Contraindications of Trikatu Churna</h2><ul> <li>Acid dyspepsia</li> <li>Heartburn</li> <li>Burning sensation in any part of the body such as in the throat, abdomen, feet or hands</li> <li>Vomiting with sour vomitus</li> <li>Red eyes</li> <li>Skin diseases with burning sensation as a symptom</li> <li>Constipation with dry and hard stool or bleeding in stool</li> <li>Bleeding disorders</li> <li>High risk pregnancies</li> <li>Threatened abortion</li> </ul> </div><div data-reactid="215"> <h2 data-reactid="216">Terms and Conditions</h2><p data-reactid="217">We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.</p> </div> </div> </div>
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<div> <div class="productDetailFull" data-reactid="124"> <div data-reactid="125">&nbsp;</div><div data-reactid="126"> <h2 data-reactid="127">Terms and Conditions</h2><p data-reactid="128">We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.</p> </div> </div> </div>
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<div> <div class="productDetailFull" data-reactid="133"> <div data-reactid="134"> <h2 data-reactid="135">Properties</h2><div class="properties" data-reactid="136"> <div class="propertyRow" data-reactid="137"> <div class="propertyLable" data-reactid="138">Weight</div><div class="propertyValue" data-reactid="139">130 (gms)</div> </div><div class="propertyRow" data-reactid="140"> <div class="propertyLable" data-reactid="141">Dimensions</div><div class="propertyValue" data-reactid="142">7 (cm) x 7 (cm) x 7.5 (cm)</div> </div> </div> </div><div data-reactid="143"> <h2>About Supari Pak</h2><p>Supari Pak Acts as an alterative and. Indicated in leucorrhoea and used as an uterine tonic after delivery. Supari Pak is a balancing &amp; revitalizing formula for the female reproductive system. It gently maintains the healthy production of female hormones &amp; relieves congestion of the blood &amp; abdominal area.</p><p>Supari Pak is an old formula which has successfully been used as an effective remedy of the diseases peculiar to women. Supari Pak is a unique medicine for the treatment of leucorrhoea. It remedies the general physical weakness, facial paleness and anaemea. It is a nervine tonic. It remedies back-ache, pain in shins, anxiety and uneasiness. It also relieves bodily fatigue. Supari Pak can also be used by men for the treatment of spermatorrhoea (involuntary discharge of semen).</p><h2>Ingredients of Supari Pak</h2><ul> <li>Supari (Betel Nut) – Areca Catechu</li> <li>Cow’s Milk</li> <li>Cow’s Ghee</li> <li>Sugar</li> <li>Elaichi (Cardamom) – Elettaria Cardamomum</li> <li>Nagabala – Grewia Populifolia</li> <li>Bala (Country Mallow Root)&nbsp; – Sida Cordifolia</li> <li>Pippali (Long Pepper) – Piper Longum</li> <li>Jaiphal (Nutmeg) – Myristica Fragrans</li> <li>Shivlingi – Bryonia Laciniosa</li> <li>Javitri (Mace) – Myristica Fragrans</li> <li>Tejpata (Indian Bay Leaf) – Cinnamomum Tamala</li> <li>Talispatra (Indian Silver Fir) – Abies Webbiana</li> <li>Dalchini (Cinnamon) – Cinnamomum Zeylanicum</li> <li>Sonth (dried ginger) Zingiber Officinale</li> <li>Ushira or Khas (Vetiver) – Vetiveria Zizanioides</li> <li>Tagara (Valeriana Wallichii)</li> <li>Mustak (Nut Grass) – Cyprus Rotundus</li> <li>Haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan) – Terminalia Chebula</li> <li>Bibhitaki (Beleric Myrobalan) – Terminalia Billerica</li> <li>Amla (Amalaki/Indian Gooseberry) – Emblica Officinalis</li> <li>Vanshlochan (Bamboo Manna/Bamboo Internal Secretions) – Bambusa Arundinacea</li> <li>Shatavari – Asparagus Racemosus</li> <li>Shuddha Kaunch Beej (Cow-Itch Plant Seeds Purified) – Mucuna Pruriens</li> <li>Munakka &nbsp;(Raisins) – Vitis Vinifera</li> <li>Talmakhana</li> <li>Gokshura – Tribulus Terrestris</li> <li>Khajoor (Dates)</li> <li>Dhania (Coriander)</li> <li>Kaseru</li> <li>Mulethi (Yashtimadhu or Licorice) – Glycyrrhiza Glabra</li> <li>Singhara (Water Chestnut) – Trapa Bispinosa</li> <li>Jeera (Cumin)</li> <li>Badi Elaichi (Black Cardamom or Nepal Cardamom) – Amomum Subulatum</li> <li>Ajwain (Carom Seeds) -Trachyspermum Ammi</li> <li>Kushub ke beej</li> <li>Jatamansi (Spikenard) – Nardostachys Jatamansi</li> <li>Saunf (Fennel Seeds) – Foeniculum Vulgare Seeds</li> <li>Methi (Fenugreek) – Trigonella Foenum-graecum</li> <li>Vidarikand (Indian Kudzu) – Pueraria Tuberosa</li> <li>Safed Musli – Asparagus Adscendens</li> <li>Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) – Withania Somnifera</li> <li>Kachur</li> <li>Nagkesar – Mesua Ferrea</li> <li>Kali Mirch (Black Pepper) – Piper Nigrum</li> <li>Chironji (Charoli) – Buchanania Lanzan</li> <li>Semal ke beej</li> <li>Gajpippali – Scindapsus Officinalis</li> <li>Kamal Gatta (Lotus Seed) – Nelumbium Speciosum</li> <li>Safed Chandan (White Sandalwood) – Santalum Album</li> <li>Lal Chandan (Red Sandalwood) – Pterocarpus Santalinus</li> <li>Laung (Clove) – Syzygium Aromaticum</li> <li>Ras Sindoor</li> <li>Bang Bhasma</li> <li>Naga Bhasma</li> <li>Loha Bhasma</li> <li>Abhrak Bhasma</li> <li>Kasturi (Deer Musk)</li> <li>Kapur or Kapoor (Plant Camphor) – Cinnamomum Camphora</li> </ul><h2>Medicinal Properties of Supari Pak</h2><ul> <li>Astringent</li> <li>Aphrodisiac</li> <li>Antibacterial</li> <li>Antispasmodic</li> <li>Analgesic</li> <li>Anti-inflammatory</li> <li>Anti-fungal</li> <li>Antioxidant</li> <li>Adaptogenic</li> <li>Fertility enhancer</li> <li>Anxiolytic</li> </ul><h2>Indications of Supari Pak</h2><p>Supari Pak is indicated in following cases</p><h3>Women’s Health Conditions</h3><ul> <li>Leucorrhoea</li> <li>General Weakness</li> <li>A low backache linked with pelvic diseases</li> <li>Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)</li> <li>Recurrent Miscarriage (along with Ashwagandha)</li> <li>Infertility</li> <li>Early aging or premature aging</li> </ul><h3><strong>Men’s Health Conditions</strong></h3><ul> <li>Early or Premature Discharge</li> <li>For improving performance</li> <li>Physical Weakness</li> <li>Spermatorrhea</li> <li>Erectile Dysfunction</li> <li>Infertility and Oligospermia</li> </ul><h2>Benefits &amp; Uses of Supari Pak</h2><p>Supari Pak is famous ayurvedic medicine used for the treatment of women’s health conditions, especially for the management of leucorrhoea. It contains several ingredients, which have antimicrobial properties. Therefore, it helps to get rid of infections of reproductive organs. In addition, it improves blood circulation to the pelvic organs and Supari Pak containing Loha Bhasma helps to increase hemoglobin level and formation of the blood. It also acts uterine muscles and improves their tone.</p><h3><strong>Leucorrhoea</strong></h3><p>Supari Pak has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and astringent properties. It reduces infections of reproductive organs and mitigates the inflammation. It exerts a soothing effect on the mucous membranes and gives relief from irritation, which helps to reduce associated inflammation. Antibacterial and antimicrobial actions of Supari eliminate the bacterial infections. Therefore, it helps to reduce all symptoms of irritation, white discharge, foul odor and other associated symptoms.</p><p>Many women with leucorrhoea also have following symptoms</p><ul> <li>Loss of energy</li> <li>Weakness</li> <li>Fatigue after a little work</li> <li>Headache</li> <li>Pain in legs and feet</li> <li>Low backache</li> <li>Loss of interest in daily activities</li> <li>Laziness</li> <li>Anxiety</li> <li>Vertigo</li> <li>Heaviness in the head</li> </ul><p>Supari Pak also reduces and eliminates these symptoms along with leucorrhea. In addition to these, it also restores energy and, strength and maintains the optimum health.</p><p>One may also require supporting medicines as follows based on the dominating symptoms. In mild cases of leucorrhea, Supari Pak alone can provide good results.</p><h3><strong>Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)</strong></h3><p>The most common cause of Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is bacterial infections. The antibacterial effect of Supari Pak kills the bacteria and restricts their growth. The anti-inflammatory action reduces inflammation and restores the health of pelvic organs. The antispasmodic action of Supari reduces pain occurring in the lower abdomen and pelvis, and astringent effects reduce unpleasant odor and discharge. When it is given with Ashokarishta, it also helps to regulate the menstrual periods and flow.</p><h3><strong>Recurrent Miscarriage</strong></h3><p>According to the ayurvedic point of view, recurrent miscarriage occurs when uterine musculature becomes unable to implant the fertilized egg appositely. It occurs due to the weakness of the uterus and loss of tonicity of uterine musculature. However, its main remedy is Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), which is given with Misri (sugar) and cow’s milk. For additional supports, Supari Pak is used to tone the uterine musculature and restores its natural functions.</p><h2>Dosage &amp; Administration of Supari Pak</h2><ul> <li>Teenager (13 -19 yrs)-5 grams</li> <li>Adults-10 grams</li> <li>Maximum Possible Dosage-20 grams Per Day (in divided doses)</li> <li>Twice a day with Cow’s Milk</li> </ul><h2>Side Effects of Supari Pak</h2><p>There is no side effect observed with Supari Pak. If you have experience unease with Supari Pak, kindly leave your valuable feedback in the comments.</p><h3>Pregnancy &amp; Lactation</h3><p>Supari Pak acts on the reproductive organs, especially on the uterus. Some ingredients in Supari Pak are strictly contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, so it should be avoided.</p><p>If you are using Supari Pak for infertility, then you should stop it 2 weeks before planning for conception/pregnancy. If you skipped this point, then you should immediately stop it after confirmation of pregnancy. Unknowingly, the short-term use of Supari Pak in pregnancy may not be worrisome, but you should immediately stop it after knowing you are pregnant.</p> </div><div data-reactid="144"> <h2 data-reactid="145">Terms and Conditions</h2><p data-reactid="146">We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.</p> </div> </div> </div>
₹ 120
<div> <div class="productDetailFull" data-reactid="124"> <div data-reactid="125">&nbsp;</div><div data-reactid="126"> <h2 data-reactid="127">Terms and Conditions</h2><p data-reactid="128">We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.</p> </div> </div> </div>
₹ 275
<p><strong>Ayurvedic Immunity Booster</strong></p><ul> <li>Enhances immunity</li> <li>Helps strengthen immune system against various infections</li> <li>Helps in faster recovery &amp; overall well being</li> <li>Complements antibiotic &amp; antiviral therapy</li> <li>Contains immune enhancing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herbs</li> <li>Helps prevent recurrence of infections</li> <li>Clinically &amp; scientifically tested</li> </ul><p>Poor immunity, in general, has a huge negative impact on the productivity in school, at work and even within the family. It is important to have a well functioning immune system by following a healthy lifestyle and incorporating Ayurvedic immunity enhancing herbs like Guduchi and pippali which are also present in Extrammune Tablets, which is a well researched natural immune enhancer</p><p>The immune modulating herbs like Guduchi and Pippali in Extrammune improve body’s natural defense by stimulating the production and activity of infection-fighting cells. In addtion, herbs of Extrammune offer antiviral, antibacterial, anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties along with working as a respiratory tonic &amp; a blood purifier</p>
₹ 108 ₹ 103
<ul> <li>Improves vigour and vitality</li> <li>Restores strength &amp; stamina</li> <li>Reduces anxiety</li> <li>Non-hormonal and safe</li> <li>Clinically proven and tested</li> </ul><p>Low strength in men can hamper the sexual drive and overall performance leading to anxiety and stress. Vigomax Forte is a completely herbal based supplement for stamina and strength.&nbsp;Vigomax Forte is safe to consume as it has been created using key herbs that are known since centuries to maintain male vigor and vitality. Made with aphrodisiac herbs like ashwagandha, kapikachchhu, Gokshur, it is a natural formulation for male vigour and vitality.</p>
₹ 196 ₹ 186
<ul> <li>Restores strength &amp; stamina</li> </ul><ul> <li>Reduces anxiety and promotes the mood</li> </ul><ul> <li>Non-hormonal and safe</li> </ul><p>Woman often in her pursuit of playing the multifaceted roles is burdened with professional responsibility, household chores; taking care of her family, etc, which leads to stress and anxiety. This dramatically affects her physical and mental health. Vivadona is a unique blend of scientifically proven de-stressing herbs which calms her mind and reduces fatigue. It offers multiple modes of action relevant to boost desire in women. VIVADONA corrects the hormonal levels and improves blood flow to pelvic region. Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) and Safed musli (Chlorophytum arundinaceum) have effective antistress activity useful to manage stress and anxiety. Kali musli (Curculigo orchioides) and Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) show significant phyto-estrogenic and nutritive properties to support overall female health.</p>
₹ 190 ₹ 181
<div> <div class="productDetailFull" data-reactid="124"> <div data-reactid="125">&nbsp;</div><div data-reactid="126"> <h2 data-reactid="127">Terms and Conditions</h2><p data-reactid="128">We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.</p> </div> </div> </div>
₹ 150
<div> <div class="productDetailFull" data-reactid="124"> <div data-reactid="125">&nbsp;</div><div data-reactid="126"> <h2 data-reactid="127">Terms and Conditions</h2><p data-reactid="128">We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.</p> </div> </div> </div>
₹ 180
<div> <div class="productDetailFull" data-reactid="124"> <div data-reactid="125">&nbsp;</div><div data-reactid="126"> <h2 data-reactid="127">Terms and Conditions</h2><p data-reactid="128">We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.</p> </div> </div> </div>
₹ 160
<ul> <li>Helps relieve obstructive symptoms like hesitation, strain and dribbling of urine</li> <li>Helps reduce symptoms like frequency, urgency and incomplete feeling of urination</li> <li>Supports prostate health and maintains prostate size</li> <li>Helps maintain healthy prostate functions</li> <li>Improves quality of life</li> <li>Clinically proven and tested</li> </ul><p>Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a noncancerous enlargement of the prostate gland that can make urination difficult. Prosteez tablet is a herbo-mineral formulation that alleviates the symptoms of BPH, urinary tract infections, painful urination and incomplete feeling of urination. It is a complete therapy for BPH as it eases the urine flow, relieves symptoms and prevents the growth of prostatic tissue. Additionally, it corrects any sexual dysfunctions. Soya (Glycine soja)in PROSTEEZ provides the isoflavone genistein, which is known to have a direct inhibitory effect on the growth of prostatic tissue.&nbsp;Serenoa repens&nbsp;increases the peak urinary flow and decreases the BPH symptoms.&nbsp;Saw palmetto&nbsp;improves the sexual dysfunction, Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris)&nbsp;increases the production of testosterone while&nbsp;Shilajit, kanchnar (Bouhinia variegate), Varun (Crateava nurvala)&nbsp;reduces inflammation.</p>
₹ 138 ₹ 131
<ul> <li>Helps to reduce the pain associated with endometriosis</li> <li>Controls mood swings, fatigue, bloating and nausea</li> <li>Helps to restore hormonal balance</li> <li>Improves quality of life</li> </ul><p>Endotone has potent herbs like Haldi ( Curcuma longa), Musta (Cyperus rotundus), that effectively delay and stop the proliferation of endometrial cells. They reduce pain associated with endometriosis. Curcuma longa and Lodhra (Symplocos racemose) help to restore hormonal balance, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) helps reduce the emotional distress and thus improve quality of life.</p>
₹ 151 ₹ 143
<ul> <li>Helps formation of melanin pigment</li> <li>Helps maintain normal skin color</li> <li>Provides antioxidant support</li> <li>Offers immunomodulatory action</li> <li>Helps to relieve stress</li> <li> <p>PIGMENTO is a useful in the management of vitiligo.&nbsp;Immunological attack on the melanocytes and free radical damage are considered to be the cause of vitiligo. PIGMENTO exerts the multiple actions in vitiligo – Melanogenic, Immunomodulator, Anti-inflammatory, Anxiolytic and Antioxidant.</p><p>Bakuchi (Psoralea corylifolia), the main ingredient of PIGMENTO stimulates melanocytes to synthesize melanin, the pigmenting agent. Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa)&nbsp;and Vidang ( Embelia ribes)has anti-inflammatory action. Vacha (Acorus calamus), Neem (Azadirachta indica), Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa)&nbsp;, Sharapunkha ( Tephrosia purpura ) also have melanogenic, immuno-modulating and antioxidant properties.</p> </li> </ul>
₹ 136 ₹ 129
<ul> <li>Helps reduce anxiety and stress</li> <li>Helps to regulate sleep</li> <li>Has adaptogenic and mood stabilizing property</li> <li>Does not cause drowsiness</li> <li>Clinically proven and tested</li> <li> <p>Anxiety and stress related problems are increasing due to changing lifestyle and affect your overall health.</p><p>SUMENTA is the herbal combination of anxiolytics, anti-stress, and adaptogenic ingredients.</p><p>Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)&nbsp;relaxes the nervous system and exerts anxiolytic activity . Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)&nbsp;acts as a mood stabilizer. Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi)&nbsp;has tranquilizing and neuroprotective properties. All these ingredients are proven to be effective in cases of mixed anxiety depression and associated other disorders.</p> </li> </ul>
₹ 120 ₹ 114
<ul> <li>Reduces the frequency, severity &amp; duration of asthma attacks</li> <li>Helps support bronchial health</li> <li>Supports healthy mucus membrane</li> <li>Supports the overall health of respiratory system</li> <li target="_blank" title="Hyponidd Tablets Trials">Clinically proven and tested</li> <li>HALEEZY is a polyherbal combination with natural bronchodilator, antiinflammatory and antiallergic properties help to promote overall respiratory health. In an asthma attack, the smooth muscles of the bronchi contract, causing the bronchi to narrow (called broncho-constriction), and the tissues lining the airways swell from inflammation and mucus secretion into the airways. This restricts the flow of air causing cough, wheezing and shortness of breath. Vasa (Adhatoda vasica), the main herb in Haleezy, exerts antiinflammatory activity and potent antiallergic property. It decreases the secretions of mucus and relieves the inflammation in the airway.&nbsp; Kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum) and Antamul (Tylophora indica) have bronchodilator effect that makes the bronchial muscles relax, thereby widening (dilating) the airways and increasing airflow. Thus, HALEEZY reduces severity, frequency and duration of asthmatic symptoms.</li> </ul>
₹ 84 ₹ 80
<ul> <li>Helps to improve blood circulation to the heart</li> <li>Helps to strengthens the cardiac muscles</li> <li>Cardiac tonic</li> </ul><p>ARJUNIN is a comprehensive cardioprotective. ARJUNIN has antianginal, hypolipidemic and antioxidant action. In double blind placebo controlled trial, the main ingredient of ARJUNIN i.e.&nbsp;Terminalia Arjuna&nbsp;exhibited antianginal effects similar to that of isosorbide mononitrate.&nbsp;Boerhaavia diffusa&nbsp;is anti-hyperlipidemic,Nardostachys jatamansi&nbsp;is anti-lipidperoxidative. ARJUNIN exhibits cardioprotective activity by virtue of its hypolipidemic, diuretic, anxiolytic and antioxidant properties.</p><p>ARJUNIN is a comprehensive cardioprotective. Arjunin is supportive therapy in patients at risk of heart problems.</p>
₹ 120 ₹ 114
<ul> <li>Helps to improve kidney functions</li> <li>Exerts diuretic, and anti-inflammatory actions</li> <li>Relieves pain associated with nephrolithiasis</li> <li>Helps in the management of urinary stones</li> <li>Safe and effective</li> <li>Clinically proven and tested</li> </ul><p>CALCURY facilaitates the passage of urinary calculi by diuretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Berginia ligulata,&nbsp;Crataeva nurvala and Hazaral&nbsp;yahood pishti in Calcury helps to disintegrate calculi.&nbsp;Picrorrhiza kurroa, in CALCURY, normalizes ureteral peristalsis ,facilitates the passage of calculi and reduces renal colic.&nbsp;Boerhaavia diffusa, Tribulus terrestris&nbsp;have anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.&nbsp;Tinospora cordifolia&nbsp;has anti-inflammatory action.&nbsp;Saccharum officinarium&nbsp;and&nbsp;Parmelia perlata&nbsp;have diuretic properties.</p><p>Hazaral yahud pishti in CALCURY is rich source of calcium that helps to reduce oxalate absorption and thus reduces stone risk.</p>
₹ 99 ₹ 94
<ul> <li>Improves Sleep quality</li> <li>Helps improve sleep duration</li> <li>Regularizes sleep cycle</li> <li>Anxiolytic, relaxes mind</li> <li>Non habit forming, Natural and safe</li> <li> <p>Sleep is an active process for the brain. It is a necessary restorative process that affects all aspects of functioning.&nbsp; Sleep disorders are among the most common medical complaints in our society.&nbsp; Sleep disorders are disturbances that affect the ability to fall asleep, stay asleep or that cause abnormal behaviours during sleep, such as night terrors or sleepwalking. Sleep problems can be caused by various factors. Poor quality of sleep affects self, family and professional life.</p><p>ZZOWIN tablet is a formulation for inducing &amp; maintaining sleep naturally. ZZOWIN is natural sleep regulator containing time-tested, safe and effective sleep enhancing herbs of Ayurveda.&nbsp;ZZOWIN&nbsp;helps to induce sleep by promoting GABAergic modulation by Ashwagandha</p><p>(Withania somnifera) and Jatamansi(Nardostachys jatamansi). Herbs like Tagar (Valeriana wallichii )and Ashwagandha support the sleep-wake cycle by secretion of melatonin, a hormone responsible for inducing sleep. ZZOWIN ingredients like Yastimadhu(Glycyrrhiza glabra) and Mandukparni(Centella asiatica) help to relax and reduce anxiety to improve quality and quantity of sleep.</p><p>Zzowin further improves the quality of sleep by supporting sleep-wake cycle, reducing anxiety and improving quality and quantity of sleep. Zzowin is completely safe as it is non habit forming and it does not cause side effects like daytime drowsiness and withdrawal symptoms.</p> </li> </ul>
₹ 112 ₹ 106
<ul> <li>Promotes sperm formation and helps to improve sperm count</li> <li>Enhances sperm motility</li> <li>Supports to improve sperm shape and size (morphology) by preventing free radical damage to the sperms</li> <li>Relieves stress</li> <li>Clinically proven and tested</li> <li>Male infertility is the inability of male partner to cause pregnancy in female having fertile reproductive system. Sperm count, morphology and motility are major causes of male infertility. ADDYZOA supports the healthy formation of sperm, sperm motility, shape and size of sperm and also add to semen density. It is a herbomineral spermatogenic antioxidant which reduces excessive oxidative stress at the cellular level responsible for sperm damage.&nbsp;Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)&nbsp;and&nbsp;Amalaki (Emblica officinalis)&nbsp;are potent antioxidants in ADDYZOA. ADDYZOA&nbsp;supports&nbsp;spermatogenesis&nbsp;(the process of sperm formation)&nbsp;by maintaining the functions of male reproductive organs and improving the male</li> </ul>
₹ 170 ₹ 162
<ul> <li>Ayurvedic tonic for young girls facing difficulties of those days</li> <li>Helps to reduce pain and abdominal cramps</li> <li>Helps to balance hormones</li> <li>Helps restore emotional balance and reduce stress</li> </ul><p>Early menarche is the onset of periods before the age of 12 years in girls. At such a tender age, dealing with pain, abdominal cramps, mood swings and sudden hormonal changes can be stressful.</p><p>M2-TONE EM is a safe, non-hormonal herbal formulation for the management of symptoms associated with early menarche. M2-TONE EM contains potent herbs that help to regularize menstrual cycles, decrease pain and abdominal cramps as well as restore hormonal and emotional balance.</p>
₹ 139 ₹ 132
<ul> <li>Exhibits anti-inflammatory activity</li> <li>helps Regulates the levels of liver enzymes</li> <li>helps Maintains the functions of liver cells</li> <li>Anti oxidant properties</li> <li>Protects liver against harmful drugs, alcohol and infections</li> <li>Clinically tested</li> </ul><p>Liver is a vital organ in the body that aids digestion, stores nutrients, detoxifies our body by eliminating harmful substances and preserves vitality and wellbeing. Liver also acts as an important warrior of our immune system as it eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses and toxins entering our body. The ability of the liver to metabolize substances and withstand stress decreases as the liver ages. Also many structural and functional changes occur in liver cells due to various liver diseases like viral hepatitis, drug induced hepatitis, alcohol-induced hepatitis.</p><p>LIVOMYN tablet is a combination of time-tested and well-documented herbs that are beneficial for liver health. It contains key ingredients like Kalmegh( Andrographis paniculata), Bhumyamalaki( Phyllanthus niruri), Katuki(Picrorrhiza kurroa)&nbsp;, Punarnava( Boerhaavia diffusa), Guduchi, Daruharidra(Berberis aristata), Kumari&nbsp;(Aloe barbadensis)&nbsp;and Triphala that are excellent liver tonics. They offer anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They ensure the protection of liver cells from various toxins. The herbs in Livomyn tablet show inhibitory effect on Hepatitis B virus and also strengthen the immune system. Livomyn tablet is thus an ideal liver tonic which protects the liver from damage, regulates the bile flow and improves liver health.</p>
₹ 110 ₹ 105
<ul> <li>Relieves bloated feeling and stomach discomfort</li> <li>Improves digestion and regulates bowel movements</li> <li>Relieves from symptoms such as belching, bloating and indigestion</li> <li>Stimulates body’s natural supply of digestive enzymes</li> <li>Safe and effective</li> <li> <p>Indigestion can lead to multiple complications if left untreated. OJUS is a complete digestive aid. It improves digestion and relieves dyspepsia through its effect on secretion of digestive enzymes, motility of GI tract.</p><p>Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) in Ojus act as appetizer, Shunthi(Zingiber officinale) helps stimulate digestive enzymes whereas Bilva(Aegle marmelos) acts as a gastroprotective</p><p>Thus, OJUS acts as a complete digestive by virtue of its gastroprotective, prokinetic and mucoprotective actions.</p> </li> </ul>
₹ 95 ₹ 90
<ul> <li>Helps to restore hormonal balance in women</li> <li>Helps to relieve abdominal pain, weakness and difficulties of those days in women</li> <li>Safe for long term use</li> <li>Improves digestion and overall health in women</li> </ul><p>The female reproductive health is regulated by the complex interaction of female hormones that control the start of menstruation during puberty and maintain the rhythm and duration of menstrual cycle. Disturbances in hormone level may lead to difficulties in those days.</p><p>M2-TONE tablet is a comprehensive formulation containing herbs like Ashoka, Lodhra, Jatamansi and Shatavari that help to regulate the menstrual cycle and help to control pain and lethargy. Herbs in M2-TONE tablets thus maintain hormonal, nutritional and emotional balance and also improve overall health in women. It also contains Shuddha kasis, a haematinic that helps to improve heamoglobin level.</p>
₹ 153 ₹ 145