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Sri Sri Tattva brings you Whole Wheat Atta (Flour). Each kernel of wheat used in this atta is picked..
Rs. 49
Graminway Daal Poori Atta 450gm -10%
Graminway Daal Poori Atta is also popularly known as Bedawi poori, which is made of whole wheat flou..
Rs. 99 Rs. 89
Graminway Barley Atta 800gm -50%
Graminway Barley Atta is made from finest barley grain, It is dried and then grounded. It is popular..
Rs. 179 Rs. 89
Multigrain flour is used to make your regular chapatis and parathas and highly nutritious as it is g..
Rs. 95
Foodthink Khapli (Emmer / Samba / Diccocum) Atta 400g -40%
Khapli wheat, also known as samba or emmer wheat is an ancient variety of diccocum wheat that is har..
Rs. 200 Rs. 120
Foodthink Multigrain (jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Wheat) Atta 400g -40%
FOODThink Multigrain Atta is made with the perfect blend of healthy grains that is the need of the h..
Rs. 200 Rs. 120
Graminway Masala Poori Atta 800gm -10%
Graminway Masala Poori Atta is a delicacy from northern part of India made on special occasions. Att..
Rs. 160 Rs. 144
Graminway Gluten Free Tapioca Atta 800gm -10%
Graminway Tapioca Atta is a starch obtained from Cassava root. Tapioca is staple food for millions o..
Rs. 160 Rs. 144
Graminway Gluten Free Ragi Atta 800gm -10%
At Graminway, we believe that everyone deserves to live a full and healthy life. The intake of our f..
Rs. 179 Rs. 161
Graminway Gluten Free Rajgira Ke Atta 800gm -10%
Graminway Rajgira Ka Atta is obtained from Rajgira/Ramadana (amaranth seeds). It is an ideal source ..
Rs. 179 Rs. 161
Healthy Gujarati Thepla Atta 800gm -10%
Graminway Gujarati Thepla Atta is an authentic gujarati bread mixture which is gaining popularity be..
Rs. 179 Rs. 161
Graminway Rajasthani Missi Atta 800gm -10%
Graminway Rajasthani Missi Atta is a traditional Rajasthani bread made with fine quality of whole wh..
Rs. 179 Rs. 161
Gluten Free Phulka Atta (help In Control Sugar) 800gm -10%
Graminway Healthy Atta is made with best ingredient such as Rajgira atta, jowar atta, roasted channa..
Rs. 179 Rs. 161
Graminway Gluten Free Multi Millet Atta 800gm -10%
Graminway Multi Millet Atta is made with 5 millets - Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Navane, and Little Millet. ..
Rs. 209 Rs. 188
Graminway Kuttu Atta ( Buckwheat Flour ) 800gm -10%
Graminway Kuttu ka Atta or Buckwheat flour is loaded with high-quality proteins, large amount of fib..
Rs. 249 Rs. 224
Graminway Gluten Free Singhara Atta 800gm -10%
Graminway Singhara Atta is flour made from water chestnut seeds. It is widely used in fasting in nor..
Rs. 259 Rs. 233
Ceylon Cinnamon has great antioxidant properties which helps in reducing high blood pressure and cho..
Rs. 310
This traditional flour mix is as nutritious as it is delicious. So we decided to innovate and make a..
Rs. 79
Come fall in love with food all over again, To be able to eat as much and feel good about it happens..
Rs. 99