Sattvik Organics ACNE HEAL Combo

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  1. Sattvik Organics Anti Acne Cream 40 gm
  2. Sattvik Organics Anti Acne Soap 75 gm

Sattvik Organics Anti Acne Cream 40g

Description:  This indian bergamoth and saffron enriched antiseptic cream detoxifies the infected areas.It is an oil free formulation to give  you a healthy radiant look.

  • Treats acne & pimples
  • Prevents fresh black heads & acne blemishes 
  • Unique oil control formula

Sattvik Organics Anti Acne Soap 75g

Description: A Bergamoth and Tea Tree oil  enriched antiseptic soap. It dries excess oil in the skin and heals acne & pimples. Can also be used for acne free skin as the natural cleansing herbs in it rejuvenate & deep cleanse for a smooth & radiant skin.
  • Takes off excess oil
  • Heals acne & pimples
  • Discourages scar formation

About Us

We, the people of Sattvik Organics believe that a company’s name should have an important reason for existence. For us this reason is the goal of making quality & beneficial products for all. We believe, that in order to best ensure the health of our clients, we must use ingredients which are selected with strict criteria of purity, origin & effectiveness. Sattvik Organics respects the environment and believes passionately about protecting our ecosystem. We strictly discourage cruelty against animals. We do not buy raw materials which are tested on animals and all our products are completely vegetarian. We know that, for the sake of profits, the word "natural" is worn out and overused and this creates suspicions and doubts for the consumer. That is the challenge we have taken up, to make our clients aware of what the 'real thing' is.


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