Planet Ayurveda's Go Richh Hair Oil 100 Ml - For Hair Loss

-10% Planet Ayurveda's Go Richh Hair Oil 100 Ml - For Hair Loss
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Your nature is determined by the combination of body and mind. These are two inter-related classification of person in Ayurveda. First relates to body and second to the mind, also known as your prakriti that means nature. Dosha and gunas of your body shows your basic physical and psychological nature.

Doshas means vata, pitta and kapha are dynamic energies which change in response to our actions, emotions, dietary habits and seasons etc. when we live against our body nature, we support unhealthy patterns that ultimately lead to physical and mental imbalance.


Hair loss is a result of predetermined genetic factors, family history and aging process. Other factors may include severe stress, hormonal changes, dietary food habits, puberty, pregnancy, menopause etc. Conditions like cancer, thyroid diseases, anemia may also leads to hair loss. Baldness is complete hair loss from scalp. Premature grey hair is condition where color producing cells stop producing pigment. Reasons behind it are also some conditions like thyroid diseases, vitamin B12 deficiency and lack of iron. We can say that there is lot of reasons for hair and scalp related problems but we at planet ayurveda has wonderful ayurvedic medicines to solve these problems.

Go rich hair oil consists of various ingredients like bhringraj, brahmi, triphala and others.

It helps to balance kapha, pitta and vata.
It helps to maintain healthy hair system.
It is good for male and female hair.
It is useful to maintain the healthy skin cells.
It is useful for healthy scalp.

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Remedy TypeAyurvedic
Form FactorOil
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Kundan on 04/08/2020
Unique product I must say. It really work for me.
shrinivas on 17/03/2019
I have just stated to using, hope it gives me positive results soon.
furkan on 26/09/2017
How long do I need to use this

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