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Children's Health

Children's Health
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Pro Health's Hepatozyme Plus Liver Enzymes Drops For Babies  60ml -10%
PRO HEALTH'S HEPATOZYME PLUS DROPS  keeps babies healthy and happy. It contains following key i..
Rs. 58 Rs. 52
SBL Zerogrype Drops (30ml) Sold Out
Indications of Zerogrype:Colic in infants and children, flatulence, irritability, poor appetite..
Rs. 55
Healwell Bedwet Pills (15g) : Relieves Bed Wetting, dribbling urine, pain while urination Sold Out
Also known asBedwet pillsHealwell Bedwet PillsIndications of Healwell Bedwet P..
Rs. 60
Similia Homoeo Anthelmin Syrup 30ml | For Worms -9%
SIMILIA's Anthelmin Syrup  is an effective remedy for round worn, thread worm and hook worm. &n..
Rs. 75 Rs. 68
Bakson Gripe Aid Drops (115ml) Sold Out
Also known as: Grip aid, gri aidBakson Gripe Aid Drops An efficacious remedy for infants and ch..
Rs. 80
Similia Homoeo Kidiplex Drops 30 Ml | Tonic For Children -10%
SIMILIA'S Kidiplex drops helps in the growth of infants and babies, to improve appetite,infantile ga..
Rs. 90 Rs. 81
Similia Homoeo Kidiplex Syrup 100ml | Tonic For Children -10%
Kidiplex with powerful indication of Calc Phos 6X, Ferr. Phos 6X, Alfalfa Q, Avena Sativa Q, Withani..
Rs. 100 Rs. 90
Bakson Compound No 6 (Pain Muscles Children) (100tab) : Relieves Cramps, Growing Pains, Weak Muscles Sold Out
Also known asBak 6 Child muscleBakson Compound No 6 (Pain Muscles Children)Ind..
Rs. 110
Bakson Grow Up Drops (30ml) Sold Out
About Grow Up Drops It is a perfect growth promoter for children.Relieves colic, diarrhoea, den..
Rs. 110
Based on 1 reviews.
GRO-APP syrup is a complete balance formula that normalizes the appetite-satiety rhythm. It improves..
Rs. 115
Indications of Dr. Bhargava Infab SyrupIt maintains physical growth of children It provides..
Rs. 117
Based on 1 reviews.
Healwell Hite Plus Tablet (25g) : Useful in Slow development in Children, Less Height Sold Out
Also known asHire tabletHealwell Hite Plus TabletHite plus is a combination of..
Rs. 130
Bakson B30 Nocturnal Drops (30ml) Sold Out
Dr Bakshi Baksons B30 Nocturnal Drops:Bed wetting is a common term used for enuresis. Nocturnal ..
Rs. 150
Dr. Reckeweg Biocombination No. 21 for Teething TroublesComposition with potency 1. Ferrum..
Rs. 160
Based on 8 reviews.
Indications of Dr. Reckeweg R36Over-sensitivity in the nervous system of children in respect of..
Rs. 235