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Kerala Ayurveda Saraswatha Granules 300g

COD Available -15% Kerala Ayurveda Saraswatha Granules 300g
Brand: Kerala Ayurveda Kerala Ayurveda
Product Code:140236
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Container TypePlastic Container / Bottle
Shelf Life24 Months
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Remedy TypeAyurvedic
Country of OriginIndia
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Description :
Memory-Boosting Cognitive Power Catalysts
Children start developing cognitive capabilities, memory power, and recall capacity from a tender age of three. During their formative years, the intake of a balanced diet alone will not guarantee better memory performance, concentration, and speech delivery.
The fine motor skills and gross motor skills development among children depend on how their nerve impulses communicate with their pivotal nerve centre.
Kerala Ayurveda Saraswatha Granules is a synergic blend of herbal ingredients to improve memory and boost cognitive development. With potent herbs like Brahmi, Aswagandha, Shankupushpi, Vacha, etc., it helps improve concentration, alertness, focus, and clarity of speech. Our Saraswatha Granules are made innovatively for ease of consumption.

Ingredients :
Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)
Enhances and acts as a tonic for the Majja Dhatu
Opens and clears the mind
Boosts attentiveness, alertness, focus and concentration
Ayurvedic medicine for memory, intellect and the ability to recollect
It has anxiety relieving properties and helps balance emotions
Increases day time attentiveness while also improving good night time sleep
It has neuroprotective properties and enhances nerve impulse transmission
Strengthens immunity
Reduces stress by regulating stress hormones and decreasing cortisol levels

Aswagandha (Withania somnifera)
It has excellent anti-anxiety and anti-stress properties
Reduces effects of tiredness and fatigue
It helps improve attention and impulse control

Shankupushpi (Clitoria ternatea)
The list of Shankupushpi uses and Shankupushpi benefits are long.
This versatile herb has the following properties that add to the Saraswatarishta benefits:
The benefits of Shankupushpi include memory function and cognitive improvement.

Vacha ( Acorus calamus)
Improves clarity of speech
It is an antioxidant and helps detoxify the body and rejuvenate the mind

How to Use :
This product tastes best when taken with milk. 3 g twice daily with milk or as advised by your physician.

Benefits :
Helps Improve Learning (Dhi), Memory (Dhriti) and Recall (Smriti) - Children these days are exposed to a lot of complexity in the pretext of intelligent learning. They often find it difficult to grasp what is going on around them. Saraswatha Granules help improve their capacity to learn, memorise, and recall events through applied cognition. It helps enhance Learning, Academic Performance and Improve Mental Ability.
Helps Enhance Alertness - Saraswatha Granules contain a rich source of herbal nutrients and antioxidants responsible for their ability to boost attention. It contains Shankpushpi and Brahmi as major ingredients and these ingredients help increase retention power of the mind by strengthening cognitive functions, attention span, alertness and concentration.
Helps Boost Cognitive Functions - Cognitive functions encompass fundamental yet critical aspects like reasoning, memory, attention, alertness, emotional mapping, communication and emotional bias. Herbal ingredients present in Saraswatha Granules helps increases the cholinergic function, which enhances attention and memory processing and increases the cognitive function, sentence repetition, logical memory, and paired associate learning tasks.
Helps Improve Clarity of Speech - Speech is developed in children while they are toddlers, but the correct pronunciation, willingness to speak, and response may change based on the level of their development. Speech impairment, like stammering is a significant problem in many children. Saraswatha Granules addresses this problem by improving the clarity of speech.

Results :
Helps to boost the memory, improves concentration and alertness
Helps improve clarity of speech and enhances attentiveness and focus
Helps improve learning, memory and retention power
Enhances the alertness with its cognitive stimulating property

Other Attributes
Remedy TypeAyurvedic
Country of OriginIndia
Payment on DeliveryYes - Cash on Delivery / COD
Container TypePlastic Container / Bottle
Shelf Life24 Months
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Estimated Delivery:3-5 Business Days

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