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Hapdco Graphites Ointment (20g) : Useful in Eczema (Wet and Dry), Dermatitis, Dry Skin Sold Out
Also known as Graph, graphi, graphtPropertiesWeight 35 (gms)Dimensions 13.1 (cm) x 2.2 (c..
₹ 0
Hapdco Dermex Cream (20g) : Relieves Itching, Redness, Dry Eczema, Psoriasis, Cracked and Flaky Skin -15% Sold Out
Also known as Dermex. dermecPropertiesForm OintmentIngredient Base HomeopathicWeight 3..
₹ 65 ₹ 55
Willmar Schwabe India Cantharis 30 CH (30ml) : 1st degree burns, Eczema, rage and anger,Burning painful urination -5%
Also known as canth, cantharPropertiesPotency 30 CHWeight 75 (gms)Dimensions 3 (cm) x ..
₹ 85 ₹ 81
Vyaghryadi is a herbal combination, which has a curative effect on the respiratory system. It can be..
₹ 90
Dr. Bhargava Anas Barbariae Pills (3g)-Lowers Mild to High Temperature, Body Ache, Headache, Allergy -5%
Anas Barbariae Pills is a homeopathic medicine which relieves and shortens the duration of symptoms,..
₹ 95 ₹ 90
Hapdco MTC-19 (Eczema Drops) (30ml) : Relieves Itching, Redness, Dry Eczema, Psoriasis, Cracked and Flaky Skin -16% Sold Out
Also known asEczemHapdco MTC-19 (Eczema Drops)Indications of Hapdco MTC-19 (Ec..
₹ 110 ₹ 92
Willmar Schwabe India Acid Uricum 200 CH (30ml) : For Joint pain, Nodosity, Swollen fingers, lipoma, Eczema on Joints -5%
Also known as Acid UricPropertiesPotency 200 CHWeight 75 (gms)Dimensions 3 (cm) x 3 (c..
₹ 100 ₹ 95
Willmar Schwabe India Graphites 200 CH (30ml) : For Swelling, hard glands, Dry skin, Eczema, fissures, hot flushes. -5%
Also known as Graph, PlumbagoPropertiesPotency 200 CHWeight 75 (gms)Dimensions 3 (cm) ..
₹ 100 ₹ 95
Boosts Immunity in Children Lowers hypersecretion from nasal mucosa Controls sneezing &..
₹ 105
Dr. Bhargava Sinin Drops (30ml)-For sinusitis, congestion, headache, Sneezing, blocked nose, cheek pain -5%
Indications of Dr. Bhargava Sinin DropsNasal discharge Nasal Polyps Acute and chronic Cat..
₹ 125 ₹ 119