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Bath Powders

There are three basic purposes behind use of herbal bath powders is. Improvement in skin health and complexion. Ability of the herbs to heal acne, skin scars and minor skin lesions. Relieving body pain and inflammation.

How to use
Here I will show you how to use everyday and on a regular weekly basis.

Apply oil on all over your body. Let the skin absorb the oil and apply oil again and lightly massage. Take a small amount of bath powder in a bowl and make a paste by adding little water or milk. Apply this paste generously on your oiled skin and let it dry. Once it is dry you may wipe off by pressing hard on your skin back and forth. Like you are doing a deep massage. Then wash it off. You do not need to use a soap to wash. Besan in the bath powder will do the cleaning.

When you are taking shower daily sprinkle bath powder on your skin after wetting it. Gently rub your skin just like you use a soap. And finish your shower by washing it off. It takes almost the same amount of time like when you use a soap.

Health Benefits
Removes pimples and blackheads.
Nourishes the skin.
Cures eczema.
Prevents many more skin diseases.


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A very unique,premium Traditional mixture of all kinds of required herbs for a great and healthy ski..
₹ 45
Based on 3 reviews.
For SKIN - Prevents ACNE & PIMPLES. Control sebum and excess oil. Plumps blood circulation, givi..
₹ 150
Sunni Pindi bath powder is a traditional baby bath powder. It is used to improve complexion and remo..
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Ancient Living HERBAL BATH POWDER 100gAncient Living Herbal bath powder benefits:Navara: ..
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Anuhya Herbal Bath Powder - 500 gm -5%
Anuhya Herbal bath powder is a complete natural product which has no artificial flavours or chemical..
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Weight: 600 g; Shelf Life: 18 Months; Color: Yellow; Item Form: Powder Direction: Mix anuhya h..
₹ 320
Ayurvedic Ubtan - Bath Powder ( kanti lepana ) Body Scrub I Soap free I Body Cleanser  I Chemical free -3%
Called Sunni Pindi in Telegu , Naalanga Maavu in Tamil & Utane in MarathiBenefits :  •..
₹ 350 ₹ 339
Size: 700 g Color: Yellow Item Form: Powder Package Contents: Pack of 2 Herbal Bath Powd..
₹ 370
Weight: 900 g; Shelf Life: 18 Months; Color: Yellow; Item Form: Powder Direction: Mix anuhya h..
₹ 475
Kamalu - the rural mantraNatural Luxury Bath Powder - 100% Natural - 0% ChemicalOur history ..
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₹ 80
We at YB Natural Products make Bath powder with exciting blend of Native Indian Herbs mentioned belo..
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