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Exfoliating Soaps

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Neev Charcoal Handmade Soap 25 gmsDescriptionActivated charcoal draws bacteri..
₹ 45
Based on 2 reviews.
Khadi Pure Herbal Rose & Honey Soap - 125g -3%
 Khadi Pure Gramodyog™ Herbal Rose & Honey soap is rich in Rose Extract, which caresses the..
₹ 70 ₹ 68
Khadi Pure Herbal Apricot Scrub Soap - 125g -3%
Khadi Pure Gramodyog™ Herbal Apricot Scrub Soap carefully cleanses your skin and envelops your in th..
₹ 70 ₹ 68
Khadi Pure Herbal Basil Scrub Soap - 125g -3%
 Khadi Pure Gramodyog™ Herbal Basil Scrub Soap is a combination of carefully chosen mild soap b..
₹ 70 ₹ 68
Neev Lufa Scrub Soap, 40 gmDescription Gentle and yet tough scrubber for heels and elbows. The ..
₹ 80
Product Name - Honey & Oatmeal Bathing Bar  Fragrance Type - Floral  Fragrance Level..
₹ 99
Product Name - Loofah & Mint Bathing Bar  Fragrance Type - Fresh Fragrance Level ..
₹ 99
Neev Charcoal Handmade Soap 75 gmsDescriptionActivated charcoal draws bacteri..
₹ 100
Ancient Living AVOCADO & BASIL Luxury Handmade Soap 100gAncient Living Avocado & Ba..
₹ 110
Taashi Herbal Scrub bathing bars are Paraben Free hand made soaps made with finest quality ingredien..
₹ 145
Diva' handmade bath soap with lemon extracts carries a wonderful citrus fragrance. It freshens up yo..
₹ 149
Peru from the house of Samayah is a detoxyfying soap best used during foot spa. It exfoliates the sk..
₹ 149
Hem' by Samayah is a handmade and organic soap with almond oil and turmeric extracts. Almond oil is ..
₹ 149
Samayah brings to you 'Neev' handmade bath soap with a nice woody fragrance. This soap helps to reju..
₹ 149
Samayah Brings to you this handmade and organic soap 'Moti'. Made up of shea butter and rose extract..
₹ 149
House of Samayah Brings to you 'Amod' which is handmade and 100% organic. This soap has relaxing pro..
₹ 149
House of Samayah brings to you this handmade soap 'Abir'. Made up of  honey and green tea ..
₹ 149
House of Samayah Brings to you 'Ananda' which is handmade and 100% organic. This soap has relaxing p..
₹ 149
House of Samayah brings to you 'Guna', a handmade soap with olive oil and neem extracts. Neem having..
₹ 149
Dollzy Charcoal Soap - 125g -8%
Dollzy International Charcoal Soap which is particularly designed to complete your skincare needs. I..
₹ 195 ₹ 179
It is made of Activated charcoal powder. It is used to effectively cleanse and whiten your skin, un..
₹ 180
Based on 4 reviews.
La Flora Organics Orange Cinnamon Refreshing Handmade Bathing Bar 100gCitrusy, Refreshing, ..
₹ 195
Based on 3 reviews.
A wonderful dessert treat for your skin!! Handmade, Vegan, Chemical & Cruelty Free,  luxury..
₹ 195
Fuschia Almond Oil Scrub Natural Handmade Herbal Soap 100gHave your Baby Skin back. ..
₹ 250