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Citronella Oils

Citronella Oils

Citronella Essential Oil repels insects such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, therefore preventing its bite. When citronella oil is diluted properly in base oil and is applied to skin, it produces a mild sensation of warmth- which relieves painful muscles and joints. It can also be used as a pet bedding freshener.

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₹ 180
Citronella oil is steam distilled from the leafy parts of the citronella plant, also known as C..
₹ 199
Khadi Pure Herbal Citronella Essential Oil - 15ml -9%
 Khadi Pure Gramodyog™ Herbal Citronella Essential Oil is cold pressed from plants grown in the..
₹ 325 ₹ 297
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Nirvana CITRONELLA Essential Oil 10 mlCitronella Essential Oil is produced by steam distill..
₹ 350
Indus Valley essential oil is derived from Cymbopogon Nardus plant. It has various uses and is famou..
₹ 399
Khadi Pure Cinnamon Or Citronella Essential Oil Combo (30ml) Pack 2 -9%
1 Pcs - Khadi Pure Herbal Cinnamon Essential Oil - 15ml, 1 Pcs - Khadi Pure Herbal Citronella Essent..
₹ 675 ₹ 613
Aroma Seacrets Citronella Pure Essential Oil - 30ml -13%
Citronella essential oil is one of the most common oils used in aromatherapy. Commonly used to ..
₹ 749 ₹ 650
Ancient Living Set of 6 Essential Oils (10 ml each)The Ancient Living 6 Set Gift Pack comprises ..
₹ 1,100
Based on 1 reviews.
* 100 % Authentic - Imported & Shipped Directly from USA* Price includes Customs Duty & Clea..
₹ 2,119
Ancient Living Set of 12 Essential Oils (10 ml each)The Ancient Living 12 Set Gift Pack com..
₹ 2,850
* 100 % Authentic - Imported & Shipped Directly from USA* Price includes shipping from USA t..
₹ 2,926