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Himalyan Amrit Kangra Herbal Green Tea Bags For Weight Control 50gm (25 Teabags)

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Every cup of Himalayan Amrit Kangra Herbal Tea packs in benefits galore. Besides the aromatic flavour, its properties work almost like a magical elixir, imparting total physical and mental fitness and vitality. Its 20 constituent herbs work on many layers, slowly impacting the bodily functions and ensuring they function at their optimum best.
Gulab Ka Phool or Rose damascena
Bark of the Arjun tree or Terminalia arjuna
Ashwagandha or Withania somnifetra
Banapsa or Viola odorata
Bari Elaichi or Amommum subulatum
Brahmi or Herpestis monniera
Badian-i-Khatai or Illicum verum
Dal Chini or Cinnamomum cassia
Lemon Grass or Andropogon citrates
Long or Myrtus caryophyllus
Lal Chandan or Pterocarpus santalinus
Mulathee or Glycyrrhiza glabra
Nagar Motha or Cyperus scarious
Pudhina or Mentha piperita
Saunf or Foeniculum vulgare
Shankh Pushp or Canscora decussate
Sugandha Bala or Pavonia odorata
Sund or Zingiber officinale
Tej Pattar or Cinnamomum tamala
Tulsi or Ocimum sanctum
Green tea or Camellia sinensis
Blended with a rare combination of mountain flowers and herbs with an underlying base of the finest Kangra green tea, A cup that truly cures! Easy to drink in office.
It ensures the smooth flow of air and tones up the respiration process.
It is a wonder drug for those wanting to loose weight, lowers cholesterol, enriches blood, increases appetite and promotes digestion. It has also been known to assist in fighting cancer. It strengthens the immune system of the body.
It works wonders as a memory enhancer, thus making it the ideal drink for students, working people and the elderly. In students, the daily intake of the tea improves learning ability and sharpens memory. It also recharges the mental batteries of fatigued individuals, making it an 
It promotes normal sleep and works wonders with cases of insomnia, besides improving muscle tone.
The herbal tea keeps the kidney and the urinary tract functioning with optimum efficiency.
It works smoothly as a health supplement for the heart, besides treating upper respiratory tract infections 
and cases of breathlessness.
The herbs in the tea penetrate the roots of acidity. It is an ideal anti-flatulent.
The natural vitamins and minerals in it help in arresting the cellular degeneration of the body. It accelerates cellular regeneration and repair

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