Black Seeds 100 gms

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Black Seeds - 100gms

Also Known As:
Kalaunji, Nigella Seeds, Onion Seeds

Black Seed appropriately known as the "seed of blessing" is considered to be one of the greatest healing herbs of all times. Kalonji, which may also be called nigella, refers to small black seeds grown on Kalonji bushes, which are grown widely through India. Black seeds are both flavoring, added to a variety of traditional foods, and are also used as a herbal remedy that has been touted as the magic bullet for a variety of ailments. These seeds are about the same size as sesame seeds, though they have a more triangular instead of oval shape.

Health Benefits:

  • Nigella and melatin are two ingredients in black seeds that contribute greatly to its highly diversified powers. These substances work together to provide the digestive benefits that have been revered in black seed. They also promote cleansing and assist with overall eliminating action. 
  • Black seeds helps fight against respiratory ailments.
  • It also acts as an antihistamine which helps to reduce the negative symptoms of allergy sufferers. 
  • It is also a strong anti-oxidant and helps cleanse the body of toxins.
  • Black seeds provide a rich supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These ingredients play a key role in daily health and wellness. They help to regulate the metabolism, balance insulin levels, regulate cholesterol, improve body circulation, and promote healthy liver function. 
  • Mix a teaspoon of Black seed oil in boiling water and inhale the vapor twice a day. A remedy to relieve nasal congestion.
  • Vomiting: Take ½ teaspoon of fresh ginger juice mix with equal amount of kalonji seeds powder, twice a day.
  • Worms of the Stomach: Mix 1 spoon vinegar with half teaspoon kalonji seeds powder twice daily before breakfast afternoon & night for 10 days & avoid sweets
How to Use Black Seeds:
  • In foods, you'll find kalonji seeds in a variety of recipes. 
  • It is a popular choice of spice for tossing onto breads (such as naan) and savoury biscuits or pastries, as well as over salads. 
  • They may be added to any type of curry or stew, and to dal. Lovers of these little black seeds praise their nutlike, somewhat peppery taste.
  • To make this taste most evident, kalonji may be prepared first by being roasted in a pan. 
  • Nigella is an essential ingredient in the Bengal mix of five whole spice seeds known as panch phora or panch puran. Added to cooking oil, the seeds impart a distinctive flavour.
  • Nigella is also used for sprinkling over the popular bread, naan, and in rice and some curries. 
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Ketan on 27/09/2018
Bought this for gifting to my relatives. They loved it and came back here to buy more. Thanks!

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