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Healthtrek Reusable Hot And Cold Pack - For Pain Relief

COD Available -56% Healthtrek Reusable Hot And Cold Pack - For Pain Relief
Brand: Healthtrek Healthtrek
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Healthtrek Reusable Hot And Cold Pack - For Pain Relief

Features :

Dual Purpose: These gel packs can be used both for hot and cold therapy, making them suitable for a wide range of conditions.
Reusable: Unlike single-use ice packs or hot water bottles, these gel packs can be used multiple times, making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
Flexible: The gel inside the pack remains pliable even when frozen, allowing it to conform to the shape of the body for better comfort and coverage.
Non-Toxic: The gel inside is typically non-toxic and safe for skin contact.
Durable: They are designed to withstand multiple uses and are often made with durable, puncture-resistant materials.

Benefits :
Pain Relief: Cold therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation in conditions like sprains, strains, bruises, and arthritis. Heat therapy can alleviate muscle tension, soothe soreness, and improve blood flow.
Injury Management: Gel packs are excellent for managing sports injuries, post-surgery recovery, or any condition that involves swelling or muscle soreness.
Headache Relief: Cold gel packs placed on the forehead or neck can help alleviate headaches and migraines.
Menstrual Cramp Relief: Heat therapy can ease menstrual cramps by relaxing uterine muscles and improving blood flow.
Fever Reduction: Cold gel packs can be used to lower body temperature in case of fever or heatstroke.

How to Use :

Hot Therapy:
Microwave Method: Heat the gel pad in the microwave for the recommended duration (typically 20-30 seconds). Be cautious not to overheat it.
Hot Water Method: Submerge the pad in hot (not boiling) water for 5-10 Minutes, ensuring the water is not too hot to prevent damage.
Place the warm gel pad in a clean cloth or towel to protect your skin from extreme temperatures.
Apply the warm pad to the desired area of your body where you need relief. The heat can help relax muscles and ease discomfort from conditions like muscle tension or minor injuries.

Cold Therapy:
Freezer Method: Place the gel pad in the freezer for a specified period (usually 25-30 minutes), ensuring it doesn't freeze solid.
Refrigerator Method: Store the pad in the refrigerator for a 30 minutes to 2 hour.
Wrap the cold gel pad in a cloth or towel to prevent direct skin contact.
Apply the cold pad to the area of your body to reduce inflammation, numb pain, and provide relief from conditions like sprains, strains, or swelling.

Ingredients : Nylon + Gel

How to Use :

Microwave for heat or freeze for cold therapy.
Apply to the affected area for relief.

Important Information : NA

Other Attributes
Country of OriginIndia
Payment on DeliveryYes - Cash on Delivery / COD
Suitable ForVeg / Vegetarian
Container TypeBox
Shelf Life12 Months
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