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Health Potion,mixed Fruit Enzymes, Probiotic Drink,100% Organic With Billions Of Cfu,bromelian,vit. B 12, Lot Of Other Nutrients,has 500 Servings.500ml

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-33% Health Potion,mixed Fruit Enzymes, Probiotic Drink,100% Organic With Billions Of Cfu,bromelian,vit. B 12, Lot Of Other Nutrients,has 500 Servings.500ml
Brand: Health Potion
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Ships From: Kolkata
Country of Origin India
Organic yes
Veg or Non-Veg Veg
Container Type Bottle
Shelf Life 5 years
Estimated Delivery: 3-5 Business Days
Cash on Delivery (COD): Yes
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From small children to old age people, anyone can consume it to maintain good health. Enzymes are powerhouses for each and every cell, they are essential for everything that goes on in the body, including digestion, breathing, circulation, etc.
Enzymes are critical for life and living. In today’s complex & fast paced lifestyle, poor eating habits & environmental pollution, we mostly consume “enzyme dead” food.

Health potion contains so much of nutrition, which boosts immunity.
Our product is fruit & honey based, has no preservatives, or added sugar. It has no side effects, and extremely beneficial for health, it extends life and even fights diseases like cancer. It can be stored at normal room temperature. Our drink contains various types of vitamins & nutrients.

A healthy digestive system is a gateway to good health. Enzymes are critical for life and living and are wondrous aids to improve health,maintain wellness, and fight diseases and injuries.
Their purpose in the gastrointestinal system are simple:
To extract nutrient from the foods
To digest nutrients into units small enough to be absorbed.
To eliminate waste products.
Enzymes are so efficient at breaking down protein,carbohydrates, and fats.  They reduce stress on gastrointestinal mucosa, help maintain normal pH levels. They stimulate the good bacteria in the gut,detoxify and cleanse the colon. Thus,promote the growth of healthy intestinal & colon flora.

Benefits of Health Potion, Mixed fruit enzymes:
1. They power up your digestive system and metabolism.
2. They protect you during cold and flu season.
3.Restore your body's natural pH balance.
4. They ward off urinary tract infections.
5. They're good for your cholesterol levels.
6. They optimize your detox and help soothe the belly.
7. It breaks down protein and carbohydrates.
8. Speeds recovery from injury resulting from sports, trauma, fractures, surgery, sprains, child birthaccelerate wound healing.
9. Treats diarrhea.
10. Fights allergies,inflammation and infections.
11. Prevents intestinal bacterial function.
12. Fights arthritis and other degenerative bone and joint disease.
13. Fights cancer
14. Fights cardiovascular problems
15. Bolsters the immune system and helps break up the antigen and antibody complexes. 
16.Can help extend life.           
17. Used to topically( externally) treat skin conditions, including infections, burns and personal care products, such as face creams, cleansers, moisturizers, shampoos,exfoliates and  face lift formulation (mix two tea spoon enzyme, 4 tea spoon of personal care products and 100 ml water and use accordingly)
18.Helps treats psoriasis, warts, corns, skin cancer and various skin ailments (apply the enzymes directly and keep it for 30 min twice or thrice daily
19. Protects from harmful radiation of mobiles, computer etc.

Dosage: 1ml per day (Contains 500 doses)

Nutrition facts

  • protease  153.25 unit/ gm
  • amylase   187.9 unit/gm
  • lipase   57.49 unit/gm
  • bromelian  1330 GDU/gm
  • super oxide dismutase  312.5 unit/gm
  • catalase   203 unit/mg
  • pancreatin  1340 unit/mg
  • trypsin  17.66 unit/mg
  • boron 109.66 ppm
  • zinc 6.65 ppm
  • Vit C 14.56 mg
  • Vit B 12   12.86 mcl
  • calcium   120mg
  • magnesium  60.3 mg
  • phosphate  69.5
  • Iron 13.34
  • lactobacillus sporogenes  500000 unit/ml
Other Attributes
Form FactorLiquid
Country of OriginIndia
Veg or Non-VegVeg
Container TypeBottle
Shelf Life5 years
Estimated Delivery:3-5 Business Days
Cash on Delivery (COD):Yes
on 26/02/2019
First time purchase from this site. 5 stars. Prompt shipping and delivery. Was packed nicely. Got cash back also.

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