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Lavender Oils

Lavender Oils

Let the classic floral scent of Lavender pure essential oil disseminate around your house or into your bath to relieve stress and to cure insomnia and anxiety. This herbal fragrance is well regarded for its antifungal, antiseptic, antidepressant, deodorizing and antibacterial properties. Apply it gently on various parts of your body and you’ll walk around smelling fresh and exuding a lingering floral perfume.

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Zindagi Lavender oil is a light weighted, clear, scented and non-sticky body essential oil that sink..
Rs. 160
Based on 2 reviews.
Satinance Lavender Oil 10ml - 100% Pure & Natural, Undiluted, -10%
Item Weight: 10ml; Item Packaging: Cotton Box Ingredients: Lavender Oil Directions: External ..
Rs. 240 Rs. 216
Khadi Pure Herbal Lavender Essential Oil - 15ml -9% Sold Out
Khadi Pure Gramodyog™ Herbal Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most favourite essentials oils. As..
Rs. 280 Rs. 254
Samayah Lavender Essential Oil 15ml -13%
Inner Wisdom Helps to connect to the divine & your spiritual self! There’s probably no essent..
Rs. 397 Rs. 347
Neev LAVENDER Essential Oil 10ml Sold Out
Neev LAVENDER  Essential Oil ( 8 gm / 10 ml)DescriptionFormed in plant cells ..
Rs. 350
SOIL Fragrances Natural LAVENDER Aroma Oil (10 ml)Description: Lavender oil has this yummy, fres..
Rs. 360
Satinance Lavender Oil 10ml + Orange Oil 10ml + Epsom Salt 100gm -2% Sold Out
LAVENDER OIL:Possible uses: Acne, allergies, anxiety, asthma, athlete's foot, bruises, burns, c..
Rs. 405 Rs. 395
ORGANIC LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OILPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:The sweet smelling glory that travelled ac..
Rs. 395
Indus Valley Lavender Oil Is derived from Lavandula Angustifolia plant. Lavender essential oil is ha..
Rs. 399
Puriso Lavender Essential Oil (30ml) Sold Out
Product Name - Lavender Essential Oil  Fragrance Type - Floral Description - Sweet and soothing..
Rs. 499
Satinance Lavender Oil -10ml + Orange Oil -10ml + Peppermint Oil -10ml -4%
Item Weight: 30ml; Item Packaging: Cotton Box Ingredients: Lavender Oil:: Orange Oil::Peppermin..
Rs. 540 Rs. 520
Neev Lavender Essential Oil Room Diffuser, 15 Gms Sold Out
Neev Lavender Essential Oil Room Diffuser( 15 ml)DescriptionIt helps remove nervou..
Rs. 550
Nirvana LAVENDER Essential Oil 5 mlLavender Essential oil is produced by steam distillation..
Rs. 550
Mooi Naturals Pure Lavender Essential Oil 10 ml – Calms & Relaxes Mind Sold Out
Lavender oil is extracted mostly from the flowers of the lavender plant,Lavandula angustifolia,prima..
Rs. 550
Based on 1 reviews.
Aroma Seacrets Lavender French Pure Essential Oil - 30ml -37%
Aroma Seacrets French Lavender is a sweeter lavender with a very fresh, floral, and soft aroma. The ..
Rs. 949 Rs. 600
Satinance Ylang Ylang Oil -10ml + Lavender Oil -10ml +peppermint Oil -10ml -4%
Item Weight: 30ml; Item Packaging: Cotton Box Ingredients: Ylang Ylang Oil::Lavender Oil::Peppe..
Rs. 670 Rs. 640
Ae Naturals Kasmiri Lavender  Essential Oil Premium Quality 15ml Sold Out
Net Contains 15 mlKasmiri Lavender essential oil gives luster to the skin, balance to the body a..
Rs. 650
Pai Organics Lavender Essential Oil 30 Ml -10%
Pai Organics Lavender Essential Oil is a 100% certified organic oil Cherished for its remarkable aro..
Rs. 749 Rs. 674
Aromatherapy Diffuser Gift Set -10% Sold Out
Aromatherapy Kit from Mooi Naturals includes the following: 1. A Vaporizer 2. 2 T Candles 3. 5 ml..
Rs. 750 Rs. 675
Aroma Seacrets Lavender Oil - 30ml -10%
LAVENDER - (Lavandula Angustifolia) is the most versatile of all Essential Oils. Therapeutic-Gr..
Rs. 800 Rs. 720
Net Contains 30 mlKasmiri Lavender essential oil gives luster to the skin, balance to the body a..
Rs. 1,050
NOW Foods Lavender & Tea Tree Oil, 1 ounce (30 ml) Sold Out
* 100 % Authentic - Imported & Shipped Directly from US* Price includes Customs Duty & Clear..
Rs. 2,531
Ancient Living Set of 12 Essential Oils (10 ml each)The Ancient Living 12 Set Gift Pack com..
Rs. 2,850