Elements Melt Fat | Metabolism Booster | Loose Weight Fast | 30 Sachets

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Elements Melt Fat | Metabolism Booster

If you want to fire up your metabolism and control craving, then use Elements Melt Fat Granules available in 30 sachets (14g each). It is an ispaghula husk powder made from 100% ayurvedic ingredients like Guggulu, Vrikshamla, Catechins, Haritaki, and other 7 potent herbs. This powerful melt fat granule eliminates the bloat and control cravings, promoting metabolism and thermogenic activity at a cellular level. The tea catechins present in this Elements Melt Fat enhance the thermogenic activity and support weight management. Buy Elements Melt Fat online in India at a reasonable price from us now.

Low metabolism and unhealthy fats are the cause of body weight. Elements Melt Fat has a blend of natural herbs that promotes metabolism and helps you avoid overeating. The Elements Melt Fat price is easy on pocket. Consume Elements Melt Fat along with a healthy diet and lifestyle for the best result.

Key Features of Elements Melt Fat:

  • Contains ispaghula husk powder which promotes metabolism
  • Made from Haritaki, Catechins, Guggulu, and other potent herbs
  • It is 100% vegetarian & ayurvedic
  • 30 sachets available in the box
  • Consume Elements Melt Fat along with a healthy diet for best result
  • Do exercise, walking, gym, or yoga to maintain the metabolism
  • Flavored Granules


  • Guggulu
  • Vrikshamla
  • Haritaki
  • Trikatu (black pepper+ Shunti + long pepper)
  • Methi Powder
  • Amalthas
  • Vidanga Powder


  • For Children: not to be consumed under the age of 10. Consult with the doctor.
  • Adult: take 1 sachet per day or as per the doctor’s advice. Consume it 20minutes before having a meal.
  • Pregnant Women: not to be given


  • Drink plenty of water after consuming Elements Melt Fat granules.
  • Consume low fat, carbohydrates, and low-calorie rich diet
  • Take non-rice grains such as oats, millet, & corns
  • Consume a protein-rich diet & other supplements such as salads and fruit juices.
  • Avoid too much use of milk, coffee, tea, and alcohol

Following all these advices while consuming Elements Melt Fat granules will benefit you more in increasing the metabolism and maintaining the body weight. The herbs like Guggulu, Vrikshamla, trikatu, methi powder, and others will boost-up your body metabolism and control your craving. Grab this potent powder available in 30sachets now. Elements Melt Fat costs at its best here.

Other Attributes
Form FactorSachet
Country of OriginIndia
Container TypeBox
Shelf Life18months
Estimated Delivery:3-5 Business Days
Cash on Delivery (COD):Yes
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