Apple Cider Vinegar (acv) With Garlic & Honey 1 Lit

Apple Cider Vinegar (acv) With Garlic & Honey 1 Lit
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  What’s so special about our Apple Cider Vinegar?
Natural apple cider Vinegar contains 19 of 22 essential minerals used in growth, repair and maintenance of the body. In fact it contains 93 different components. Vitamins C, E, A, B1, B2, B6, beta-carotene, bioflavanoids, malic acid, acetic acid, pectin and vital minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, boron, phosphorous, sulphur, iron, and fluorine. Tannins also found in apple skins are present in apple cider Vinegar and are antioxidants. Pectin in the Vinegar is a fiber which may help reduce bad cholesterol and helps in regulating blood pressure. Our Apple Cider Vinegar Is Unrefined, Unfiltered & with MOTHER.   How can Apple Cider Vinegar help?   The need for calcium supplements once you start growing older is very well known. Apple cider Vinegar helps extract calcium from fruits, vegetables and meat, helping in the process of maintaining strong bones. Potassium is essential for the replacement of worn-out tissues within the body. This mineral is also important to soft tissue repair, as calcium is to the bones and teeth. Chronic potassium deficiency causes a variety of ailments including hair loss, weak finger nails, brittle teeth, sinusitis, and a permanently running nose. Apple cider Vinegar is loaded with potassium. The beta-carotene helps in countering damage caused by free radicals, helping one maintain firmer skin and a youthful appearance. This beta-carotene within apple cider Vinegar is said to be in a natural and easy to digest form.   Health Challenges

  • Muscle or joint aches, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinsons, Arthritis, Asthma, high blood pressure, infertility and impotence, toothaches, fewer colds and infectious diseases, obesity ( a powerful fat destroyer and weight reducer), ulcers, reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol, reduced risks cancer  of breast,  colon, esophagus ,skin, stomach and stimulates the immune system.


  • Garlic Juice, Honey And Apple cider vinegar ( Unfiltered, Unrefined with MOTHER)


  • Standard Dosage. 10-15Ml in a 240 Ml Glass of Water 3 Times a day Before Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.


  • Glassed Bottle to maintain the potency of ACV.
  • Last For 32 days. (Standard Dose).
  • Packed in Thermacole Boxes with strech film & bubble wrap which makes your consignment break Free & Leak-Free.
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