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Ayurvedic Asthma Herbal Treatment For 15 Days

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-10% Ayurvedic Asthma Herbal Treatment For 15 Days
Brand: Deep Ayurveda
Product Code: Asthma-Herbal-Treatment
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Country of Origin India
Organic Yes
Veg or Non-Veg Veg
Container Type Box
Shelf Life 24 month
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Asthma is a disease related to the human respiratory system. in this disease, air passages become inflamed and narrow often in response to a trigger such as exposure to an allergen, cold air, excessive exercise or emotional stress. Patient experiences wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and coughing. Symptoms: cough either dry or wet, tightness in chest, difficulty in breathing, wheezing sounds in the chest, shallowness of Breath.

Types of Asthma and its cause:

Six types of Asthma is known as below:

  1. Allergic asthma ; it occurs due to an allergic response of body to some objects like pollen, pet hair or dander, some              fragrance, insects, food item, some fiber and list is endless
  2. Asthma without allergy: in some persons asthma triggers due to some upper respiratory tract infection like cold,flu and rhinovirus.
  3. Aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease(AERD) ; in some people, aspirin causes sneezing and running nose which leads to inflamed airways, wheezing and then difficulty in breathing.
  4. Exercise-induced asthma: in this type, any hard physical activity like sports, exercise leads to difficulty in breathing and cough.
  5. Cough variant: It is characterized by a dry cough and can trigger in either day or night.
  6. Occupational asthma: it occurs due to inhaled chlorine or smoke or any other irritant at the workplace. Aggravated Kapha (water) accumulates in the airways, leading to their narrowing and obstruction. This causes an interruption in the flow of the air in the lungs, causing shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. This occurs because of taking more of vata (air) and kapha increasing foods, weak lung tissues, and various diseases affecting the lungs. People who live in cold and wet areas, eat more cold food or drink, eating foods that are not easily digestible leads to Ama (mucus) formation that blocks the respiratory channels also causing difficulty in breathing.

Ayurvedic View: according to Ayurveda, asthma is caused due to the imbalance in kapha and vata dosha along with mandagni or low metabolism or impaired digestion and dushit mala or incomplete evacuation of the stomach. Due to excessive intake of kapha aggravating food and lifestyle like eating more and more milk products ,curd at night, intake of cold water, living in cold and humid area, bathing with cold water in cold weather area ,exposure to dust, smoke, pesticides and pathogens, all these factors vitiates kapha dosha which in turn vitiates vata dosha ,mala and agni thus causing asthma.  Ama (mucus) gets deposited in the lungs and respiratory tract create an obstruction in breathing and causes wheezing or coughing ayurveda, we recommend ayurvedic herbs and herbal combination which pacifies Kapha and cleanses toxins from the body. if digestion is impaired then it is restored with ayurvedic medicines and the right diet and lifestyle changes are recommended Also, specific herbal combinations are given to boost the body’s immunity.

This Asthma package is for 15 days only , After 15 days our ayurveda expert  will review the case and prescribe the further treatment accordingly.
Medicine NameDosageAfter/Before Food
Respocare Syrup 1 to 2 tsp , after food or as directed by the physicianA/F
Curcumin Capsules1 Capsule twice a dayA/F
Herbal powder formulation3 Gm twice a dayA/F
Respocare powder3 Gm once a dayA/F
Steam Inhalation2 Capsules twice a dayA/F
Other Attributes
Form FactorCapsule
Form FactorPowder
Form FactorSyrup
Remedy TypeAyurvedic
Country of OriginIndia
Veg or Non-VegVeg
Container TypeBox
Shelf Life24 month
Shipping & Handling:FREE if more than ₹ 3000 Seller Id 19943 products in order; else ₹ 50
Estimated Delivery:3-5 Business Days
Cash on Delivery (COD):Yes
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