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Home & Living

Home & Living
For most of us, the connection between eating organic and good health is clear: if we eat organic, we’ll reduce our exposure to toxic and persistent pesticides and enjoy the benefits of nutrient-rich food. What many of us forget is the connection between the other activities we engage in at home, like doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen, and the impact they have on our health, our families’ health, and the health of our planet.
Choosing products made with organic ingredients is an easy way to ensure that this impact is a positive one. After all, these ingredients have been approved for use in organic food production and processing. If they are good enough to eat, they good enough for use in our homes, too! Faced with a choice between organic household products and their non-organic counterparts? Choose organic. It’s worth it.
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Dabur Odomos Mosquito Lotion (40ml, Pack of 3) -6%
PropertiesWeight150 (gms)Dimensions15 (cm) x 10 (cm) x 5 (cm)..
₹ 72 ₹ 68
Dabur Odomos Fabric Roll-On Mosquito Repellent (8ml) -5%
PropertiesWeight100 (gms)Dimensions10 (cm) x 5 (cm) x 5 (cm)..
₹ 75 ₹ 71
Lighting Sambrani is an ancient tradition that has been followed for many years in Indian due to it’..
₹ 75
Based on 2 reviews.
Mosrelief - Herbal MOSQUITO VAPORIZER 40mlDescription Mos Relief is a 100% Herbal vaporizer, th..
₹ 85
Based on 12 reviews.
Zindagi Mosquito Repellent 45ml -2%
Zindagi Mosquito Repellent is one of the well-known natural mosquito repellent. It is 100% natural, ..
₹ 92 ₹ 90
Just Mop - Herbal Floor cleaner, Disinfectant, Insect Repellent 500mlDescription Just Mop is a ..
₹ 95
Based on 14 reviews.
A common fear in using bathrooms is the germs on the toilet seat covers, be it for a kid or an adult..
₹ 99
Deepam Pooja (lamp) Oil (500 Ml) -1% Sold Out
With the assistance of very knowledgeable professionals and most up-to-date technology we are provid..
₹ 124 ₹ 123
Sri Hari Panch Deepa Oil(500 Ml) -1% Sold Out
Backed by our vast experience in the field, we are able to offer an elite range of Pancha Deepa..
₹ 128 ₹ 127
Just Mop Spray - Multi Purpose Kitchen Cleaner 500mlDescription This Herbal all purpose cleaner..
₹ 130
Based on 5 reviews.
Use Herbal Strategi’s eco-friendly and herbal Bathroom Cleaner. Just like all our range of products,..
₹ 130
Based on 1 reviews.
Just Mop Spray - Herbal Glass Cleaner Spray 500mlDescription The Just Mop Herbal Glass Cle..
₹ 130
Unlike most chemical household disinfectants, this cleaner is eco-friendly and is made entirely of h..
₹ 130
Based on 1 reviews.
Mosrelief - Herbal Mosquito Vaporizer with MachineDescription Mos Relief is a 100% Herbal vapo..
₹ 135
Best Quality kitchen towel of 300mm x 300m size. very useful and best quality. it is made from virgi..
₹ 150
Lavex is well known brand in paper towel and other products. it is a premium quality paper towel can..
₹ 150
Introducing Herbal Strategi’s Herbal Rat Repellent. This repellent cake is a natural product that co..
₹ 149
Health Potion 100% Organic Home, Kitchen, Utensils, Laundry & Car Cleaner -67%
100% Organic Multi Use Home,Kitchen & Utensils, Laundry & Car cleaner. Adds good vibration &..
₹ 450 ₹ 150
Ancient Living organic Insect Repellent Blended oil keeps the itchy critters away and leaves your ho..
₹ 150
Based on 1 reviews.
For a healthy household, it is crucial to maintain a hygienic kitchen. Several disease-causing germs..
₹ 150
Based on 1 reviews.
Herbsur Herbals KUMKUM 120 gm -15%
Kumkum is made from turmeric and other ingredients. ..
₹ 180 ₹ 153
La Flora Organics Herbal Mosquito Bye Bye Balm 25 gm100 % Herbal, Handmade Say Bye ! Bye ! ..
₹ 175
Based on 1 reviews.
Mostick – Citronella Incense sticks, Mosquito AgarbattiOverview:A whiff of enchanting fragra..
₹ 180
Based on 3 reviews.
Nature Spray - Herbal ROOM FRESHENER 250mlDescription Nature Spray is the natural way to keep a..
₹ 199
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