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Rosewood Oils

Rosewood Oils

Formed in plant cells by the action of the sun, essential oils are reservoirs of solar healing power. They are the source of all fragrance in flowers, leafs, spices, fruits and aromatic woods and herbs. In a way, Essential Oils are the ultimate manifestation of a plant's joie de vivre, or enjoyment of life. Such aromas are invigorating both to body and mind, please the sense, and bring us in touch with nature wherever we encounter them. Here are the most popular benefits of Rosewood Oil: Gives relief from slight headaches, Takes away your depression and leaves you smiling, Protects wounds from infections, Acts as an aphrodisiac, Natural deodorant, Insecticide

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Neev ROSEWOOD Essential Oil ( 8 gm / 10 ml) Description Formed in plant cells by the acti..
₹ 180
Neev Rosewood Essential Oil Room Diffuser( 15 ml) Description It discharges offensiv..
₹ 300
Aroma Seacrets Rose Absolute Pure Essential Oil - 30ml -29%
The smell of a rose is one of those experiences that can ignite fond memories of young love and back..
₹ 749 ₹ 530
Aroma Seacrets Rosewood Pure Essential Oil - 30ml -27%
Rosewood is a tropical, evergreen tree, with reddish bark and yellow flowers, that can grow up to 40..
₹ 749 ₹ 550
* 100 % Authentic - Imported & Shipped Directly from US * Price includes Customs Duty & Clear..
₹ 2,364
* 100 % Authentic - Imported & Shipped Directly from USA * Price includes Customs Duty & Clea..
₹ 2,635
* 100 % Authentic - Imported & Shipped Directly from USA * Price includes shipping from USA t..
₹ 4,235