Bowelax Powder - Mild Laxative

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What is the medicine for relief in constipation and hard stools in humans?
 Bowelax powder prepared by Yamuna Pharmacy is best remedy for difficulty in easement and impacted hard stools.
 Bowelax powder is a poly herbal-mineral compound of herbs and minerals that helps soften the hard stool in large intestine.

How does Bowelax powder benefit?

Bowelax powder is a mild laxative that promotes normal stool formation.

  • It improves peristaltic propulsion movements of intestines causing expulsion of stagnated stools.
  • It helps digest the food present in last part of small intestine and expels the gases reducing the distension of lower abdomen.

What other benefits one gets from Bowelax powder?
Bowelax powder eradicates casual or chronic constipation and flatulence caused by consumption of non-vegetarian foods, junk fast foods, alcohols and provides relief in abdominal uneasiness.

What is the composition of Bowelax powder?
Bowelax powder comprises pulverized Gulab pushpa, Saindhav namak, Jangali podina, Trivritta, Sonth, Chhoti harar, Saunf, Kala daanaa and Sanaya in thoroughly homogenised form in automatic pharmagrade stainless steel machines untouched by bare hands.

What is dose of Bowelax powder?
4 to 6 grams (approximate 1 heaped teaspoonful) with warm water at bed time. The dose can be repeated 12 hourly if satisfaction is desired further.

Counsel :
Food and eatables should swallowed after meticulous mastication only.Plenty of fruits intake maintains presence of natural fibre in digestive system that eases evacuation.7 to 8 glasses of water keep fluid balance in the system

Who is behind concept of formulation of Bowelax powder?
Bowelax powder is conceived and formulated by expert team of GAMS, B.Pharm (Ay),MSc (Med.Botany) , BAMS and Bsc(chemistry) personnels.

Packing :
Bowelax powder Standard pack: 100 gm

Other Attributes
Form FactorPowder
Remedy TypeAyurvedic
Country of OriginIndia
Container TypeHDPE bottle
Shelf Life2 years
Estimated Delivery:3-5 Business Days
Cash on Delivery (COD):Yes
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