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Tips for a Healthy Stomach

Posted by Aveda61439 13/03/2021 0 Comment(s) Health and Wellness,Ayurveda,
Tips for a Healthy Stomach

Tips for a Healthy Stomach

A healthy stomach is the foundation of a healthy body. An unhealthy stomach gives rise to a whole lot of health issues. The good thing is, we do not need to make exceptional efforts to take care of our stomachs. For example, something as simple as following a healthy diet and lifestyle as per the Ayurveda, consuming a nutritious diet, and having a positive thought process go a long way in ensuring a healthy stomach.


The three pillars of Ayurveda:

According to Ayurveda - Aahar (Diet), Vihaar (Lifestyle), and Aushadhi (Medicine) are the three pillars of a healthy life. As per the ancient Ayurvedic texts and scriptures, a healthy and balanced diet fulfills the nutrient content in the body. It helps to lead a healthy life, without any problems or sickness. Medicine complements the body as a third pillar. Therefore, diet and lifestyle should be emphasized to prevent digestive infections and problems – whether rare or chronic ones.


What damages the stomach?

Nowadays, lifestyle choices are the major causes for an increase in the number of diseases. Unhealthy food habits are a major source of a lot of diseases. Not only does it lead to indigestion or irregular bowel syndrome, but sometimes the microbes also cause stomach flu and infections. Eating junk food or sweetened beverages disturbs the blood sugar levels, leading to problems like diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, etc.


Importance of a healthy diet for a healthy stomach

The digestive system is the most important one which ensures a healthy body. And, when the digestive system does not work efficiently, it becomes a root cause for a whole lot of problems and an unhealthy body. Our body needs a whole of nutrients to be healthy. Hence taking a nutritious diet that has proteins, minerals, fibers, carbohydrates, and fats to make sure the stomach is healthy. When the stomach works properly, then it helps to digest the glucose and release energy which increases the productivity of the body. When the digestive system works properly, can release the enzymes and secretions which trigger good digestion. An unhealthy diet contains a lot of toxins, which harms the body. Hence, to maintain our holistic health, we need to safeguard our digestive system/stomach against any health issue.

Ayurveda believes in prevention first before jumping to treatment. Hence Ayurveda recommends prevention of stomach diseases rather than letting them increase and leading to cure. That is why Ayurveda recommends following a healthy diet and lifestyle to restore, rejuvenate and restart our life by improving our stomach health and strengthening it. With a balanced diet, we can rejuvenate the immunity already there inside us. However, for doing this, we need to choose healthy over unhealthy food.


Ayurvedic Tips to Have a good stomach and a healthy body Consuming Fresh Food

Fresh and Real food, are not only good in taste but also rejuvenate us. Artificial food lacks nutritional value. Fresh foods are rich in essential nutrients. While fresh food helps to detoxify and cleanse the system, packaged, frozen, or processed foods with preservative adds to the toxins in the body.


Consuming healthy fats Omega-3 fatty acids are considered good for ensuring good health and a healthy digestive system. Healthy fats also help to reduce the cravings and hunger pangs from unhealthy foods. Increasing the Fiber intake

The more fiber and roughage in the diet, the easier it is to pass the bowel. It keeps the digestive system healthy and prevents soreness, swelling, and infection of the digestive tract. This, in turn, adds to the immunity of the body.


Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking sufficient water helps to dissolve the toxins in the water which keeps the digestive problems at bay. It boosts immunity and cleanses the body. However, if someone is bored of drinking water or does not want to drink a lot of water, then the liquid intake can be replenished with juices.


More fluid intake

For a balanced diet, there should be more fluids in the diet than solid. Due to our stressful lifestyle, the food is not digested properly or it takes a very long time to digest the food. These kinds of problems lead to digestive problems like indigestion, gastric problem, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. Also, enough fluids in the body ensure a good blood balance in the body.


Avoiding Over Spicy Food

Eating spicy food regularly leads to the corrosion of the inner layer of the digestive tract and causes stomach ulcers. Although it might be tasty, the high amount of spices has a very bad effect on the stomach. Spicy food causes discomfort in the stomach with a burning sensation and also causes irregular bowel syndrome with a painful, burning, and itching sensation. Spicy food is never healthy food. The spices we use in our kitchens indeed have many therapeutic properties along with their taste. But, excess intake of anything can cause a problem. So, managing the number of spices in our food is mandatory to have the long-term health of our stomach.


Eating less but eating healthy

Quality over quantity is the rule for a healthy stomach. One should have less food, but a balanced meal. While eating, the focus should be on the food at hand rather than other things. Thinking negative does not mean good ingestion which consequently results in poor digestion.


Positive mindset

A positive approach, a healthy mind is very important for a healthy body. Hence, besides the above dietary changes, a healthy mind is also very important. Stress affects our appetite. It lowers the appetite thereby disturbing the cycle of metabolism. Tension or pressure at the workplace or school sometimes leads to binge eating – excessive pangs for junk foods, which again disrupts normal digestion.


A healthy lifestyle:

Only diet and a healthy mind will not help. A healthy lifestyle is also complementary to proper eating habits. Quitting bad habits like smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc, and taking a healthy diet helps to refresh the health of a person.


Regular exercise

A routine of exercise along with a balanced diet goes a long way in good digestion and good health. Moving the body for some physical activities as per the requirement of the body helps to maintain healthy digestion.



Intermittent or regular fasting helps to detoxify the body and rejuvenate the stomach, which promotes better digestion. There should be enough gap between the meals.


Summary: Therefore, if one follows the above Ayurvedic tips discussed above then one can not only prevent infections in the stomach but also have healthy digestion. These tips can be followed without making any strenuous efforts. Hence it helps us to maintain a healthy body. These tips help to prevent diseases and infections of the stomach and stay healthy - ALWAYS!


Triphala can help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut, according to some research. It may also support the growth of beneficial bacteria. A balance of bacteria can help improve overall gut health.


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