Celebrate an Organic and Herbal Holi !!!

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Celebrate an Organic and Herbal Holi !!!

The most vibrant and energetic Indian festival Holi is right around the corner.

The festival celebrates the beginning of spring and the triumph of good over evil. Amidst the festivities, it’s very important to be aware and avoid any mishaps or injuries linked with the celebration.

We have put together a few quick tips to enjoy a happy and safe Holi.

  1. Use organic and natural colors or gulal that are safe to play with. Do not use chemical-based colors, which are highly toxic and can be harmful to your hair or skin.
  2. Slather liberal amounts of herbal creams/lotions all over your body before stepping out for the celebrations. The layer of cream will act as a shield from the colors.
  3. Oil your hair at least 2-3 hours before playing Holi. You can use natural oils which form a coating on the hair surface, so the colors do not penetrate. Get some herbal ayurvedic hair oils such as hibiscus or brahmi.
  4. Apply a good sunscreen to save your skin from being damaged by the sun. Here are herbal and organic sunscreen lotions.
  5. Use a good quality cleansing milk to remove stains. You can try these herbal and organic body cleansers. Or use your choice of 100% natural and chemical free soap or body wash.
  6. Wash your hair immediately after playing Holi. First let the colors just rinse off under running water and then use an herbal or a mild shampoo. Avoid using harsh chemical shampoos or cleaners to get rid of the color. Use natural or organic hair cleansers to gently remove the color.

We wish you a very happy, safe and eco-friendly Holi!!! 

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