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Seasonal Changes vs Viral Disease

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Seasonal Changes vs Viral Disease

Ritu, the season, classified by distinct features exerts different effects on the human anatomy in addition to the atmosphere. Ayurveda has explained regimes (Charya), and rules in view of diet and behaviour to acclimatize seasonal authorities readily without changing body homeostasis. The prime principle of the Ayurveda system of medicine would be a preventive element, can be achieved by the change in diet and practices in response to change in climatic condition. This is a really essential part of preventive medicine as mentioned in Ayurveda texts. Viral diseases are extremely common from the present age, basically originating from a scarcity of following seasonal regimens on account of lack of concentration in seasonal traits.


Viral infections:

Viral infections come from the ill effects of different kinds of viruses that arise or remain inside our surroundings at times. The virus is thought of as the most important reason behind the majority of the disease. More ramifications of the diseases are seen at times of seasonal changes or winters so when the resistance of an individual is weaker than normal. The virus is actually described in most of the books of modern drugs. But what Ayurveda says concerning it? Before learning, let us understand immunity.



Broadly speaking, immunity is thought as the potency of their human body to resist the illness. In Ayurveda, it's known as vyadhi-shamatava. Elaborating the phrase explains the resistance. I.e. vyadhi means that the disorder and also kshamatava usually means that the ability or strength to fight against disease or pathogens. Thus it's extremely apparent as per Ayurveda immunity usually means the thing supporting the illness - to arrest or even to prevent. These are inversely related to one another.

Poorer the resistance, more the disorder. More powerful resistance, lower the illness.


Viral disease according to Ayurveda

Because Ayurveda is not just something of medicine only but a way of life, which concentrates more on prevention than the treatment which additionally by taking care of the root cause. The virus is also part of life one of the six micro-organisms that maintain our ecosystem, therefore it must be explained in Ayurveda.

In ayurvedic literature, the virus is more compared with Aam, normally called undigested food, which further produces an abnormal protein in the body causing illness. This Aam produced vikrit rasa dhatu. Fundamentally it produced abnormal cells. This cell has abnormal DNA and genes. Protein synthesis that occurs in RNA will probably be abnormal. This genetic material produced from strange protein is a virus.

So it may be plainly understood that the root cause behind the disorder is the Ama dosha, which develops because of vitiated digestive fire which subsequently vitiates every one of the tri-doshas, Vata Pitta, and Kapha, and later on Dhatus. We can easily find that everything is interlinked and very profoundly clarified in Ayurveda.

With the above explanations, we concluded that the origin of the illness is based on our digestion level that's directly associated with our diet and lifestyle.


Worse the lifestyle, more the disorder and vice versa.

Therefore in Ayurveda, the viral diseases are basically co-related with the ama dosha which further makes our immunity weak. And because of this weaker immunity, our body couldn’t resist the surrounding virus to enter our system and make us unhealthy. In Ayurveda Viruses are known as Aagantuj rog.


Role of Ayurveda in viral disease:-

So the principal need is to maintain our diet and lifestyle in order to manage the disease within a well-manner. Ayurveda is a medicinal system that prevents or treats an illness in a very natural way through a proper diet, correct lifestyle, and the usage of this very most efficient all-natural herb to enhance the various elements of our body. All these methods of Ayurveda result from the disease-free and wholesome life of a person.

So let us know the natural ways to protect our body from viral infections and other diseases as well by following the natural remedies.

Ayurvedic Management of viral infections

There are three main factors that work collectively in the treatment of viral infections.
And these are:-

  1. Aahar (Dietary Factors)
  2. Vihar( Lifestyle Factors)
  3. Aushadhi( Medicinal factors)

By these three means, we can combat viral infections easily. Ayurveda's work on the theory of prevention is better than cure. First, we have to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that we don’t get suffered and by chance, we get suffer Ayurveda has the solution to this as well. So let’s discuss each of them.

Aahar:- Starting with the Dietary tips for a healthy lifestyle, a stronger immunity, causing the avoidance and treatment of bronchial diseases and various diseases also. A nutritious diet should comprise all of the essential nutrients for the growth and development and functions of healthy cells, for that you should think about the next.

There are certain foods that contain important minerals and nutrients which could help the body fight off pathogens, which can be foreign bodies such as viruses and germs, causing disease or disorder.. Hence, incorporating food items in your daily diet may assist in preventing lethal viruses.

All these immunity-boosting foods are full of antioxidants and other nutritional supplements that assist with keeping the cells healthy and active. A really healthy immune system is dependent upon a well-adjusted mixture of vitamins and minerals vitamins within a time period, as well as routine exercise along with normal sleeping patterns.


1. Green leafy veggies:-

Green leafy veggies such as spinach are full of iron and vitamin C.Spinach is full of nutrients such as beta-carotene and antioxidants which improve the human own body's disease-fighting ability.

2. Haldi(Turmeric):-

Turmeric is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties that assist with treating inflammation of the bones and muscles. Above all, turmeric comprises an ingredient called curcumin that is a fantastic modulator of the immune system.

3. Ginger (sounth):-

Ginger is just a superb food with superior anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger can be a favorite spice which may decrease inflammation-related problems, in addition, to help from the cure of sore throat. Ginger contains antibacterial properties and also can boost digestion, and help maintain a balanced gut consequently strengthening the immunity system.

4. Citrus fruits:-

Citrus fruits such as oranges, apples, limes, grapefruit, and tangerines, amongst the others, are packaged with vitamin-c which assists in fostering the output of white blood cells within your system. White blood cells are indispensable in fighting diseases and illnesses. Additionally, it assists in removing free radicals from your system, preventing cell damage, which reduces the chances of experiencing cancer.

5. Dry Fruits:-

Outside of all of the nuts, nuts contain high levels of e vitamin which plays a critical part to keep the immune system. Vitamin E can be really a fat-soluble vitamin which needs fat to be absorbed correctly. Almond comprises healthy fats that relieve the practice of absorption. Vitamin E helps the creation of blood cells which fosters blood flow circulation to all regions of the human body.

6. Yogurt:-

It affects your intestine, helping the very good bacteria to flourish. Your gut health is directly correlated with your immunity system.

7. Kiwi Fruit:-

Kiwi is just one such fresh fruit that comprises vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, and folate in prosperity. Additionally, it assists in fostering the output of white blood cells which fight diseases.

8. Papaya:-

Exactly like kiwi, papaya is obviously full of crucial minerals and nutrients such as folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, as well as potassium. Potassium in papayas is popularly well known for keeping the heart-healthy.

9. Sunflower seeds:-

Sunflower seeds are filled with minerals and nutrients, including vitamin E, Vitamin b6, magnesium, and potassium. Vitamin E is regarded as a potent antioxidant that's good for the immune system's health.


Lifestyle changes:-

Meditation for a minimum of 15-20 minutes per day gives you the ability to balance your mental, emotional addition to physical health and improves the human body's functioning.

Doing Yoga, Asanas, or Exercises that should calm the mind and body increase the overall health of the man resulting in stronger resistance. You can practice Pranayam, Kapaal Bhaati, Anulom-vilom, and also other exercises according to the physique and ability to enhance your overall wellness.

Daily putting a few drops of desi ghee, badam Rogan oil or anu tailam on your uterus makes it possible to stay away from dirt, bacteria, and virus, to come into your body through the lymph nodes, hence, is employed as supportive therapy to prevent the bronchial disorders. It also aids in preventing viral infections at a major level.

To be healthy in our busy and hectic schedules, want naps/walks/movement of body parts for 5-10 mins, after 30 minutes or 1 hour of sitting or working, it also affirms your own immunity.


Aushadhi (medications):

The last but very important factors are medications. For building stronger immunity and preventing infections we need some external support. And that support is aushadhi or the natural herbs. There are certain herbs in Ayurveda that are meant to build immunity and make your body much stronger to fight against viral infections.


Here is the list of herbs:

1. Giloy:- It's an anti-oxidant herb that's being used for years in the treatment of various kinds of disorders and fever. It is possible to soak the giloy stalks overnight in ordinary water, boil in the morning and strain it and drink for effective results. To take giloy in a more convenient and beneficial fashion, you can get giloy powder, giloy capsules, or giloy juice.

2. Ashwagandha:- Ashwagandha is one of many potent herbs with anti-inflammatory properties that helps improve the immunity and protect your human body against the respective allergies and Viral infections. It also works amazingly in developing the strength and stamina, and managing the menstrual disturbances, which may contribute as an explanation behind the seriousness of the viral ailments.

3. Amlaki:- It has numerous positive effects on the body in promising the holistic healing of a person. Amla Powder, Amla juice, and Amla candies are the easy to consume ways so you can get its amazing benefits.

4. Curcumin( turmeric):- It's anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which prove to be somewhat helpful for the prevention and treatment of viral infections and avoiding some related severities. It's a great herb that stimulates the lymphatic system, leading to fighting viruses.

5. Triphala:- with a blend of three potent herbs Triphala is a natural source of vitamin c and antioxidant. At Aveda Ayur, we have formulations with the above magical herb blend. These formulations are beneficial for your stronger immunity. And in times of viral disease spread these formulations provide you protection against pathogens. Make you more healthy and strong.

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