A Fit-Kit for Fitness

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A Fit-Kit for Fitness

Amore Health Essentials introduces India’s first Fitness Kit - Quitoxyfat which is designed to achieve detoxification by helping to burn excess fat, aligning the body system and cleansing the gut. It ensures healthy functioning of all body systems by correcting fat metabolism and keeping the body in good shape.

Over and above the accumulation of endogenous toxic substances in one’s body due to erratic food habits and an unhealthy lifestyle leads to unnecessary accumulation of body fat. The process of getting rid of the unwanted toxins is known as ‘Detox’. Detoxification and weight reduction by Quitoxyfat comprise of comprehensive Fit-Kit of one bottle of ‘Fat Burner’ of 60 capsules, one bottle of ‘System Aligner’ of 60 capsules and ten sachets of ‘Gut Cleanser’ powder of 10g each.

Quitoxyfat is a logically designed Ayurvedic recipe derived exclusively to burn excess fat and to offer relief from excess weight and other related problems. A combo pack of three recipes, Quitoxyfat consists of:

Fat Burner
Ing: Vrikshamla, Green Coffee Beans, Guggulu, Marich

System Aligner
Ing: Methika, White Rajma, Green Tea, Dalchini

Gut cleanser
Ing: Isabgol, Triphala, Nishoth, Rose Petals

Owing to the ingredients mentioned in the above kit summary, it is a given that Quitoxyfat, unlike other detoxification products, is pure extracts without any added chemicals. The benefits derived from the kit include burning of undesired fat, optimization of the digestive system and regularization of bowel movements.

Price of Quitoxyfat in India:
Priced at Rs 2490, Quitoxyfat comes as a complete package. 

Where to get it from: 
Available at all leading medical & general stores. Also available online on shophealthy.in with exclusive discount offers for our customers.

A reputed healthcare and wellness brand, Amore Health Essentials, boasts of an extensive range of health & nutraceutical supplements carefully extracted to tackle lifestyle diseases. The aim of Amore Health Essentials is to raise unprecedented standards in the health & wellness industry across India by the year 2025.

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