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An effective herbal remedy for all your Kidney problems

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An effective herbal remedy for all your Kidney problems

Urge of micturition (mutraveg) is considered as one of the non- suppressible urges (adharniya vega) in Ayurveda. But various metabolic syndrome's diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac issues etc. on chronic predisposition may lead to kidney diseases which ultimately leads to kidney failure leading in the multiple urinary disturbances including dysuria i.e. difficulty in urination (mutra krich). Many of the herbs mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts for supporting the kidney functions, strengthening the urinary tract and having diuretic actions. For this Planet Ayurveda's experts had made a formulation in powder form which is rich in such herbs for promoting the renal functions. The name of this polyherbal formulation is Mutrakrichantak Churna. Here as the name of this polyherbal powder signifies it is used for ending the obstruction/difficulty in the urination and promoting the free flow of urine (Mutrakruich means difficulty in micturition, antak means ending it). Mutrakrichantak churna is the best herbal combination for kidneys that helps in managing various inflammatory or painful urinary conditions.

Benefits of Overall Formulation

The ingredients of this churna are one of the best herbal diuretics, contains antioxidants in abundance, and urinary tract strengtheners. Mutrakrichantak churna is the best polyherbal supplement for various kidney disorders including kidney failure patients. These herbs aid in reducing inflammations, lowering down the level of accumulated fluid and thus enhancing the kidney revival chances. Use of this formulation supports in normalizing the renal filter functions, and helps in bringing down the value of blood urea and serum creatinine. These herbs in combination are pretty effective in regenerating the filing nephrons and kidney cells that it has the potential to even prevent dialysis in kidney failure patients.

List of Ingredients

Mutrakrichantak constituent herbs are 100% natural in origin. These include the herbs that are being used since ages for treating various kidney and urinary issues. Herbs in Mutrakrichantak churna are:-

  1. Varun - Crataeva nurvala      
  2. Punarnava - Boerhavia diffusa                  
  3. Gokshura - Tribulus terrestris
  4. Kasni - Cichorium intybus     
  5. Bhumyamalaki - Phyllanthus niruri
  6. Shirish - Albizia lubbock
  7. Shigru - Moringa oleifera 
  8. Apamarg - Achyranthes aspera

Detailed Description of Each Ingredient

1. Varun (Reference- Bhavprakash Nighantu Vatadi varga 65-66)

Varun is an excellent herb for both kidney and urinary tract. The benefits of varun as mentioned in Ayurvedic texts as

In this shloka reference, varun having properties like astringent (kashay), sweet (madhur), and bitter (tikat) taste, dry (ruksha), lite (laghu), pitta aggravator (pittajanak), hot potency (ushana), enhancing digestive fire (agni deepana) that will help in eliminating or reducing vitiated kapha dosha, dysuria/oliguria (mutra krich), urinary stones (ashm), painful micturition (maarutan). This herb has properties that help in treating the abnormal swelling obstructing urine flow such as prostate enlargement (gulma), swelling due to gouty arthritis or other origin (vaatasara), and urinary tract infections (krimi).

2. Punarnava

Punarnava contains the many phytochemicals such as Punarnavine (functional alkaloid), these alkaline phytoconstituent of this herb makes is the which is helpful in treating or reducing the swelling (shoth), anasarca (sarvang shoth), abdominal swellings such as ascites, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly (udarroga),  jaundice (kamla), oliguria- reduced urine output (mutraalpata), anaemia (pandu), reducing swelling due to cardiac origin (hridrog), dyspnea- breathing abnormalities (shwas), etc. disorders. Thus, Punarnava helps in reducing the excessive fluid accumulated in the abdomen, swellings in the urinary tracts or limbs by facilitating the free flow of urine through the diuretic action.

3. Gokshura (Reference- Bhavprakash Nighantu Guduchyadi Varga 45-46)

This is the best herb used since ages for strengthening and promoting functions of genitourinary systems. Gokshura is having cool potency (sheeta virya), sweet in taste (swadu), enhancing the strength of body (balkrit), helps in scavenging the toxins from the kidneys/urinary tract (vasti shodhan), digestive stimulant (deepeno), aphrodisiac- by cleansing the microchannels associated with genital tract (vrishya), and providing nourishment to the body (pushtida), and helps in treating the kidney or urinary stones (ashmariharah). This herb not only helps in clearing the genitourinary tracts but also promotes the functions and efficiency of genitourinary systems.

4. Kasni (Reference- Dravyaguna-Vigyan Vol. 2 by Acharya P.V. Sharma Chapter 6 Herb No. 227)

The lite (laghu),  bitter (tikat), hot potency (ushana) reduces the vitiation of  kapha-pitta related ailments, specifically having best results in liver    disorders (yakridvikare), cardiac diseases (hridroga), dysuria-difficulty/painful urination (mutra krich). Kasni is rich in Cichorin, Lactucin and Intybin named bitter phytochemicals that along with its other extracts helps in treating the various kidney & urinary tract disorders.

5. Bhumyamalaki

This herb is also known as tamlaki or bhudhatri in Ayurvedic texts. Bhumyamlaki is the best drug having hepatoprotective and nephroprotective properties, i.e. this herb helps in promoting regeneration of damaged hepatocytes (liver cells) or nephrons (kidney cells). Also this herb is mentioned under the shwashar and kaashar mahakshay. (one of the top ten herbs for the treatment of respiratory ailments).  The phytoconstituent Phyllanthin is being obtained from this herb. Its ability to help in the formation of urine (mutrajanan), relieving conditions of burning micturition (daah shamak), anti-inflammatory (shothhar), and cool potency enhances the free passage of urine.

6. Shirish (Reference- Bhavprakash Nighantu Vatadi varga 14)

This is the best herb having anti-toxic (vishghan) properties and is very much beneficial in treating the skin ailments. It is also known for its balancing effects on tridosha, one of the best remedies for cough (kaashar), nourishing (paushtik), aphrodisiac (vaajikar). It helps in preventing the various urinary tract infections associated with renal and urinary tract symptoms, and also its anti inflammatory (shothghan) property helps in reducing the swelling obstructing the urine flow, thus helping in maintaining the wellness of the urinary tract.

7. Shigru

Shigru is one of the best herbs, having an abundance of antioxidants. These antioxidants will help in scavenging the free radicals which are the leading cause for the oxidative damage of the nephrons. Moringa contains various chemical constituents such as spirochin (a basic compound) and pterygospermin which is an antibiotic and antimicrobial agent. Thus, it promotes the prevention of various UTIs and other kidney infections.

8. Apamarga

Apamarga helps in clearing the sodium, potassium and chloride ions under the influence of its diuretic property. Apamarg is also an immunostimulant, as it helps in stimulating the cell mediated immunity. It enhances the phagocytic function that enables the renal cells from further damage and thus aids in promoting the renal functions.


  1. Kidney stones
  2. Chronic Kidney disease
  3. Nephrotic Syndrome
  4. Minimal Changes Disease
  5. Nephritic syndrome
  6. Nephritis
  7. Diebetic Nephropathy
  8. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) 
  9. Acute or Chronic Renal Failure
  10. Increased levels of urea or creatinine
  11. Patient on dialysis

Recommended Dosage

1 teaspoon twice daily with lukewarm water after meals.

Side Effects

This Ayurvedic blend is made from herbs, thus the chances of side-effects are relatively very less. However, overconsumption or overdosage of this formulation may lead to the dryness of the skin, itching and loss of luster of the skin due to excess water loss. Further this medication must be avoided during the chronic diarrheal condition to prevent excess fluid loss from the body.


Mutrakrichantak churna is having these herbs that in combination will enhance the regeneration ability of the renal cells enhancing the overall functions of kidney and promoting the wellness of urinary system. This is even beneficial in various kidney disorders, even those patients who were even on dialysis.

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