Hair Oil – Beneficial or Not?

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Hair Oil – Beneficial or Not?

The one time I am proud of bribing my daughter and her gang is also when I got best results out of that bribing. Let me share you the story!

Hair oils like our Green For Sure all natural hair tonics found here are made with lot of efforts as they are hand made to ensure all the goodness of the multiple cold pressed hair loving oils like coconut, castor, olive, almond, argon, jojoba, sesame, mustard and ingredients like onion, curry leaf, methi and amla is retained.

Before when I used to make them at home, my teenage daughter and her friends used to taunt me as to why I put in so much effort to make hair oil which is anyway “not beneficial” according to them. It was always a tug of war and a battle of wits between my daughter and me every week whenever I try to oil her hair.

Out of the need to convince her about oiling her hair regularly, I started my little research.

Is it really required to oil hair regularly?

There are arguments supporting both sides. Some people say oiling blocks the pores on the scalp, it will attract dust, no extra benefit because of applying oil, etc, etc.

But practical experience of crores of people across generations vouch for oiling hair. The list of the proclaimed benefits run long, which we will keep aside for another time.

Oiling hair is the primary health care procedure as per Ayurveda. It is mentioned in our own Charak Samhita that one who applies oil on head regularly does not suffer from headache, baldness, graying of hair nor hair fall. Their hair becomes and remains strong, long and black.

The famous beauty queen Cloepatra vouches for all the oils she used for her skin and hair care regime.

How can we forget Greeks who gave us the best olive oil.

Historically many ancient civilizations in Asia, central Europe and Africa used hair oil as a means to get healthy & lustrous hair.

It is true we do not see many modern age Western population using hair oil. But many of them are obsessed with alternative products like hair gels, serums, creams, conditioners, etc. which are used to get the same effect and benefits of a hair oil, many times rather unsuccessfully. Thus can we safely conclude that they have the need but due to lack of ancient wisdom, they are using chemical laden modern products which actually does more harm than good?
We all know that our skin, even if it is on top of our head :), absorbs anything it comes in contact. Thus it is important that we use beneficial ingredients instead of all the chemical laden products on our head.   

There are many natural oils that are very beneficial and gives the essential nutrients to hair. They make hair healthy, strong, naturally silky and bouncing.

Oiling increases the blood circulation in the scalp and thus repairing of damaged hair, reduces dandruff and premature greying. This will make hair look smoother and shinier.

If we stop applying hair oil or some sort of moisturising ingredient, our hair & scalp tends to become dry and brittle. This leads to itching, hair loss, breakages, dandruff, etc, etc.

Overall body relaxing which induces a deep sleep is another benefit of massaging hair & scalp with good natural oils.

After much study, it was clear that oiling hair has been an ancient method to keep hair healthy and beautiful which is again gaining popularity in the modern age across the world.

It took me a while to make my daughter and her friends understand that oiling hair is indeed very beneficial. But the final solution came when I gave them a challenge to use any of our hand made hair oils weekly twice for a month. Of course, to start with I had to bribe them a bit, but after that one month, I never had to tell my daughter to oil her hair again. My problem solved for life time !!!


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